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Medvedev says sad end to Obama regime

Updated on January 5, 2017
Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev
Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev | Source
Outgoing President Barack Obama
Outgoing President Barack Obama | Source
Incoming President Donald J Trump
Incoming President Donald J Trump | Source
President Vladimir Putin
President Vladimir Putin | Source

Oh for those days in the early time of President Obama's first years in the Oval Office when the sun shined and the sky was a dazzling blue. When the whole world was in love with this mixed race man who promised much and either didn't deliver on his word like many politicians or found his way blocked by Congress. He hoped Hillary Clinton would carry on his legacy but with her losing the election and Trump soon to be at the helm of the good ship USA it seems everything Obama lived and breathed for during his time in the Oval Office may end. Perhaps some policies may survive like Obama Care but that depends largely on what Trump wants to do.

Going back to those days when the world thought the sun shone out of Obama's backside, one of his mantras was he wanted to press the re -set button with Russia. So it seemed when Obama met President Medvedev and the pair seemed to get on like a house on fire when Putin had swapped the Presidential job for that of Medvedev's that of Prime Minister.

Things looked rosy in the American - Russian garden that is until Putin came back to the Presidency and Medvedev went back to being Prime Minister. With Russia's actions in Ukraine and Syria and other provocative actions the American - Russian friendliness went off the boil and became luke warm even cold war like. Obama and Putin became ice cold in each others company and the body language between the pair was not good like two people who had nothing in common being forced into a room together if you look back at photos taken then you can see the awkwardness.

Now Obama's time in the White House is drawing to a close some see his sanctions and his expelling of 35 Russian diplomats and the shutting down of Russian organisations in the United States as sour grapes. It was inevitable that President Obama would react strongly to Russian hacking that may have tipped the balance in favour of Trump but whether these strong actions against Russia are because the Russian hacking allowing allegedly Trump to win causing Clinton to lose or because Obama was reacting to Russian interference in American politics regardless of party politics is unknown. The fact that Putin did not react with similar actions and even said Americans were free to take part in Russian festive celebrations makes Obama seem like a sad loser.

Dimitri Medvedev said on Twitter that Obama's actions against his country were sad and almost pathetic when the beginning of Obama's reign promised so much co - operation and friendliness between Russia and America. Of course Trump it seems who has promised to have a much more friendly relationship with his opposite number in the Kremlin (Putin) condemned the actions of Obama and even rubbished the advice of the American intelligence services that Russia had actually interfered in the American election.

Trump as he starts his Presidential tenure in the White House would do well to learn from President Obama's time in the White House. Why you ask, well, Obama was all smiles and handshakes with Russia in the beginning and look where that relationship has ended up the opposite of friendly. This is why Trump should look and learn from Obama's relationship with Russia lest he goes down the road of being best friends with Russia and then Russia does something outrageous and Trump ends up an enemy of Russia just like in the Obama days.

They say unless you learn from the past you are doomed to make the same mistakes in the future and Trump would do well to learn this from Obama's experience with Russia.

Short bio of Dimitri Medvedev

1) Born Dimitri Anakolyevich Medvedev

2) Was born in historical city of St Petersburg in 1965

3) Has been Prime Minister since 2012

4) Was educated at St Petersburg University

5) Is married and has one child Ilya Dmitrevich Medvedev

6) Was President of Russia from 2008 - 2012

7) Had a good relationship with President Obama when President

8) Swapped jobs with Prime Minister Putin who became President while Medvedev became Prime Minister

9) Was also Chief of Staff of Presidential Executive Office

10) May replace Putin if one day Putin steps down as President


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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 14 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      From you mouth to God's ears. It seems, though, that again Americans have short memories. At least Americans is winner-take-all electors. Why we have to relearn lessons from the past is a mystery to me. It may be that we stop paying attention too soon after every presidential election.