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Meet the Fakers: Your New Online Friend, is actually Gov't Software SPYING on YOU. It's For Real...

Updated on March 2, 2021

What if your best online friend... is fake?

We have all had our share of phony friends, however, If you haven't heard you might be in for a few more. You see, the current administration values your opinion, especially if your opinion agrees with everything the wizard behind the curtain says. In fact, your disagreement is so annoying that the administration has decided to offset your voice with someone who whole-heartedly agrees with them on everything.

Not only can we offset your existence with carbon credits, we can replace you with cyber artificial intelligence. Most of your friends can't tell, but you don’t even really exist! Isn’t that awesome?! Its like the Obama version of the game Civilization.

To accomplish this goal, the Obama Administration is soliciting bids from private software companies to develop what the contract calls "Personal Management Software" (PMS - that's interesting). The software will allow one person (government flunky) to create and control several fake online profiles/personalities.

It reminds me of certain states where every year John Smith votes 500 times in an election... and he's only been dead for 10 years.

Choose your avatar...

Yahoo, like the image above and several other online sites allow you to create an online image to represent yourself.
Yahoo, like the image above and several other online sites allow you to create an online image to represent yourself.

John and Jane Cyber-Doe, (almost sounds Cajun).

They could be your new friend on Facebook, or any other multiple of social network websites. The identities are created by (a Beta) software, that emulates a real person. The software will give them a random personality based on a preset data base of core values, much like throwing a handful of dice on a table and each number that pops-up represents a human value or political position that characterizes the whole of the new identity. Only, chances are, "your" dogmatic position is not in the data base, not favorably anyway. If it were, they wouldn't need the software. But, here-in lies the beauty... being the good little sheeple that you are, once you see all your fake cyber friends drinking and promoting the government cool-aid, you'll get in line too.

Note: Cool-Aid is actually spelled Kool-Aid, but its also the name of a fine product that has been around for nearly 100 years. Its as American as Apple Pie! Thus I spelled it Cool-Aid out of respect for an American legend. Read Kool-Aid History at this link:

Fake Friends, How it All Works...

Your new fake friend identity is given a fake IP address too. Identities come in a 10-PACK, ya'know like a six-pack after work. Some government funky behind a keyboard somewhere will manage the identities in groups of 10. How many groups of 10 each person will manage is unknown.

The software is very advanced. It can make your new fake friends, go on fake trips and make fake posts from their trip from various localities etc. The gov't contract requires the new software to protect the identity of government entities using the software.

However, you are not supposed to suspect anything anyway, because the cyber-identity will seem fairly real to most idiots and if you start to catch on, some government flunky can actually hop on the account and pretend to be your fake cyber friend so as to throw you off guard and gather all kinds of information from you.

The Government Contract...

Some of the information on this contract has come from private security firm HBGary... only not on purpose.

Someone leaked the info.

The leaked information discusses plans to "friend" real people on social websites and use those relationships to pass out the Cool-Aid. The software will even go so far as to mine the information of all your friends as well. It builds a database on you and starts building your file; it continues to build your file like missing pieces of a puzzle.

But, "You say," I am not on any social websites. 

Yea. So. It doesn't matter.

Let's paint you a picture. You are not on a social website, but some of those idiot friends of yours from high school are all about Facebook and MySpace. Once the software figures out who went to which high school, then it starts to search internet databases and build its own database. Suddenly, the software realizes YOU went to school with your idiot friend on Facebook. In time you will be receiving invites to join your idiot high school friends on Facebook too.

The documentation sales-pitch claims that regarding social media, "YOU" are only as protected as your weakest friend. Let's be honest. We all have some really weak friends.

Other quotes in the leaked emails say, "There are a variety of social media tricks we can use to add a level of realness to all fictitious personas...

Using hashtags and location-based check-in services we can make it appear as if a persona was actually at a conference and introduce himself/herself to key individuals as part of the exercise, as one example."

Additional emails discuss the vulnerability social networking causes. One employee discusses how they used one social network site to find 112 wives and children of service men overseas, stating that the network made it much easier for an attacker to meet a victim.

The Future...

In the future such artificial intelligence could become so advanced it may be nearly impossible to know if someone online is real or not. What appears to be a friend might be a government or corporate program using a friendship to mine personal information over a period of time.

After all, one can never have too many fake friends.

- Harlan

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Choose your online avatar...

You can choose nearly any kind of avatar you can imagine. Its like trying on clothes. How about this one? Is it me?
You can choose nearly any kind of avatar you can imagine. Its like trying on clothes. How about this one? Is it me?

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