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Meeting Libertarian Larry Sharpe

Updated on May 12, 2019
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Christian, parent, audio engineer, computer geek, teacher, writer & jack of all trades

I met Larry Sharpe at an event where he talked about the benefits of ownership as a means to get out of poverty — under the poverty line (welfare recipients, single bread-winner part-time workers, etc.) and above the poverty line (the working poor). He emphasized on the benefits of owning a home rather than renting like equity, creating our own jobs (entrepreneurship) and not waiting for someone else to hire you (once again, entrepreneurship), the absurdity of licensing that often stops entrepreneurs and the need of certifications as a means to break the government monopoly of licensing — telling entrepreneurs how to do their job.

For those who don't know who Sharpe is, he ran as a libertarian for governor of NY in 2018 and received 95,033 votes (2%). Although 2% seems minuscule when compared to 3,635,340 (60%) that current Governor Andrew Cuomo received or 2,207,602 votes (37%) that runner-up Marcus Molinaro held on to, it was enough to secure the Libertarian Party a place in the ballot from 2018 to 2020, at least.

Sharpe has become the current leader of the Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) and default spokesperson of the party at least in the NY area — very opinionated and fun to listen to on radio and numerous interviews. He doesn't show whether he leans right or left. He simply sticks to the libertarian philosophy — not forcing others to think like him or telling what to do. He prefers to talk to people and make them think.

If the LPNY had the proper funds during the past gubernatorial election cycle in New York State for advertisements on heavy rotation, Sharpe could have gotten the vote from Americans who preferred to stay home. Cuomo was running practically unopposed against a weak GOP nominee (the sacrificial lamb) with descent campaign funds in Marcus Molinaro and a strong third-party nominee with minute campaign funds in Larry Sharpe.

If 2018 gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe is the default leader of the party in NY, 2012 and 2016 Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson is the default leader nationwide although he's mentioned numerous times that he won't run for president in 2020.

Libertarian 2018 NY Governor Nominee Larry David Sharpe


I met Larry Sharpe at an event where he talked about the benefits of ownership as a means to get out of poverty — under the poverty line (welfare recipients, single bread-winner part-time workers, etc.) and above the poverty line (the working poor). He emphasized on the benefits of owning a home rather than renting like equity, creating our own jobs (entrepreneurship) and not waiting for someone else to hire you (once again, entrepreneurship).

So what about this Gary Johnson fellow?

I haven't met Gary Johnson (yet). Once I had the opportunity to meet him during a presentation in NYC in 2016, but I had job-related training that same day. I'd like to meet him and ask him a few questions — sort of an interview. Maybe I could do better job as a conservative Libertarian Party insider to dig into his mind than the leftist mainstream media.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson ran in 2012 and 2016 for president as a libertarian receiving 1,275,971 votes (1%) in 2012 and 4,488,931 votes (3%) in 2016 — a 2% increase. Once again, these numbers are minuscule compared to the GOP or the DNC, but still impressive for a third party with limited funds and airtime. It helped the LP secure a place on the ballot nationwide for the next cycle, at least.

Just like Sharpe, Johnson is a fun character to listen to although somewhat stubborn once his mind is made up like choosing former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld (1991-97) aa his running mate for his 2016 presidential run. My support to the LP and Johnson for that matter doesn't mean that I like everything Johnson stands for, believes in or thinks. I don't agree with his open border policies, but I like his ideas on how to control government spending and waste of other resources — the classic libertarian fiscal policy — as well as the right of the individual to decide what's best for him/her.

Johnson — like most of the LP — supports the decriminalization of marijuana. It's no secret that he smokes marijuana yet being highly athletic (multiple endurance competitions under his belt). Although not politically correct, at least, he's honest about smoking *weed*. That's way more than I can say about many politicians currently in office, who were in office ("didn't inhale") or want to be in office.

The idea behind behind the legalization of marijuana is that doing so would cut down the criminal activities associated to its black market like street justice including but not limited to murder and prostitution. This would allow current dealers to run their business legally, pay taxes, use the banking system to issue payments and/or get loans. The only problem is the government greed that wants to tax it into absurdity (~40%).

Speaking of prostitution, Johnson as well as most of the party is in favor of decriminalizing and removing the stigma behind prostitution. Since the policy of the party reinforces the right that every person knows what's best for him/her, most members of the party show little to no stigma if a person charges for sexual activity and/or his/her sexual preference — in other words, how and whom to have sex with and for whatever reason, purpose and/or gain like money, favors, fun or love as long as it's mutually consensual.

Former NM Gov. Gary Earl Johnson (1995 – 2003)


Sharpe's 2% and Johnson's 3% are good numbers — not great enough to win a major election, but still impressive for a minor party.

Only 3% for Johnson, what a waste of a good vote

As I mentioned, Sharpe's 2% and Johnson's 3% are good numbers — not great enough to win a major election, but still impressive for a minor party. At this rate (+2% every four years), in about 20 presidential and/or midterm elections (~80 years), the LP could get about 50% of all votes. This could happen if the GOP doesn't recover from the fairly weak results of the 2018 midterm election cycle — losing the House yet barely holding on the Senate.

Given the social and political condition of the state if New York, heavily far-left even murdering babies at birth, there's no real republican representation — barely any GOP in the state. New York, like California, has become a one-party state. This could allow any third party to become the secondary political party in the state pushing the GOP to a third-party position if given the proper push. Since the Green Party (GPUS) is also on the left of the political spectrum, two parties with similar ideologies wouldn't be able to coexist at the top. The DNC wouldn't allow it. If the GPUS wants to be part of the government, it would have to merge with or ally itself with the DNC. This means that, to counter-balance the DNC or a DNC/GPUS coalition, the GOP must regain its base or the LP can take that party. A GOP/LP would be a good idea, but it would never happen since the GOP has boycotted the conservative-leaning LP before.

[T]he Arkansas state legislature pulled some shenanigans and rapidly pushed through an "emergency bill" to make it nearly three times harder for us to get ballot access there.

This means that, to counter-balance the DNC or a DNC/GPUS coalition, the GOP must regain its base or the LP can take that party. A GOP/LP would be a good idea, but it would never happen since the GOP has boycotted the conservative-leaning LP before.

Cheap party, broke politicians

Both the GOP and the DNC receive huge financial support from people and organizations with fairly deep pockets. This means that each party can have a dependable war chest for each election cycle. In the other hand, a third party doesn't.

If the Libertarian Party were to raise a cool $1M or two for each election cycle, the LP would most likely become a threat to both the GOP and the DNC — most likely not the DNC in blue states like NY or CA. Of course, at least $5M in order to push candidates for local or national offices might be needed to make the LP a major party.

Currently the LP has a donation campaign with a mere $5,500 goal. What can the LP do with such a minute amount? According to their campaign, it's for recruiting and training candidates. I hope my name finds its way to this list.

We are less than $5,500 away from our fundraising goal for this month! Please help with a donation today.
Your contribution recruits candidates, trains them, and puts them on ballots!

I have told several LP officers that the party should have a recruitment campaign. At a $25 membership fee and basic gift (a pin with the party's logo), $20 can be moved to the donation campaign. This way the party can increase its registration numbers and its war chest.

Speaking of campaign funds, the Libertarian Party stands liberty and doesn't sell itself to special interest groups. I can understand this, but the LP should ask any or some of the top one hundred rich and/or famous libertarians Newsmax list below) for contributions — the same way celebrities and/or special interest groups help both the GOP and the DNC — as long as these donations don't mean that anyone is expecting a favor from the party or member.

  1. Ron Paul
  2. Rand Paul (R)
  3. Thomas Sowell
  4. John Stossel
  5. Charles Koch
  6. David Koch
  7. Gary Johnson
  8. Judge Andrew Napolitano
  9. Ed Crane
  10. Steve Forbes
  11. John Mackey
  12. Steve Moore
  13. Peter Thiel
  14. Grover Norquist
  15. David Boaz
  16. John Allison
  17. Drew Carey
  18. Larry Elder
  19. Robert Poole Jr.
  20. Justin Amash (R)
  21. Penn Jillette
  22. Nick Gillespie
  23. Clint Eastwood
  24. Matt Welch
  25. Rick Santelli
  26. Charles Murray
  27. Jeffrey A. Tucker
  28. Matt & Terry Kibbe
  29. Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  30. Patrick Byrne
  31. Richard A. Epstein
  32. Adam Brandon
  33. David Kelley
  34. Glenn Beck
  35. Jennifer Grossman
  36. José Piñera
  37. Arthur B. Laffer
  38. Daniel Mitchell
  39. Tom Woods
  40. Courtney & Ted Balaker
  41. Walter E. Williams
  42. Peter Schiff
  43. Trey Parker & Matt Stone (creators of South Park)
  44. P.J. O'Rourke
  45. Tyler Cowen
  46. Walter Block
  47. Lawrence W. Reed
  48. Radley Balko
  49. Deroy Murdock
  50. Greg Gutfeld
  51. Lisa Kennedy
  52. Mark & Jo Ann Skousen
  53. Andrea Rich
  54. Howie Rich
  55. Thomas Massie
  56. Niall Ferguson
  57. Robert Higgs
  58. Tom Palmer
  59. Llewellyn H. Rockwell
  60. David Friedman
  61. Richard Rahn
  62. John Aglialoro & Joan Carter
  63. Jason Sorens
  64. Barbara Kolm
  65. Douglas R. Casey
  66. Yaron Brook
  67. Eamonn Butler & Madsen Pirie
  68. Tracie Sharp
  69. Terry Anderson
  70. Michael Walker
  71. Tom "Magnum P.I." Selleck
  72. Alan Kors
  73. Alexander McCobin
  74. Michael Shermer
  75. Charlie Gasparino
  76. Jeffrey A. Miron
  77. Bob Chitester
  78. Ken & Li Schoolland
  79. William H. "Chip" Mellor
  80. Mike Rowe
  81. John McAfee
  82. Joseph Bast
  83. Matt Ridley
  84. Veronique de Rugy
  85. Dave Barry
  86. Rob Kampia
  87. Deirdre Nansen McCloskey
  88. Larry Sharpe
  89. Julie Borowski
  90. Joe Rogan
  91. Bill Bonner
  92. Alexander Green
  93. Kim Githler
  94. James D. Gwartney
  95. Randy E. Barnett
  96. Burton Folsom
  97. Vince Vaughn
  98. Angela Keaton
  99. Robert P. Murphy
  100. Joel M. Stern

The latter can be applied to any third-party, not only the LP, but I simply like the Libertarian Party.

Larry Sharpe of the Libertarian Party of Queens County (LPQC)

Libertarian Party was founded in 1971, but it's barely a national party possibly due to its structure — too many cooks in the kitchen. Just in New York City, each of five (5) counties (commonly referred to as boroughs) that make up the city has its own chapter. Each chapter is a separate entity with its own leadership (chairs, secretary, etc.) and even website, as if each were a separate party under the common name of the Libertarian Party. Queens County has a second group of libertarians (Queens Libertarians) somewhat disowned by the national party. Perhaps this structure works in other areas of the United States where counties have cities or townships — the opposite of New York City where the city has five (5) counties of 72 statewide. This means that a nominee for a city office (for example, to run for mayor) would need the blessing of the five (5) chapters in the city. At least for the NYC structure, I believe there should only one party headquarter citywide and multiple offices across the five (5) boroughs if needed.

The Libertarian Party needs to become the replacement of the dying Republican Party in the state of New York.

Barely any GOP presence in deep blue New York, timely opportunity for the LPNY

Most GOP candidates have been weak since former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani left office (1994-2001) and former Governor George Pataki (1995-2006). Michael Bloomberg running as a republican doesn't count. He simply did so because the DNC had already nominated someone else. As matter of fact, Bloomberg's time as mayor of New York City (2002-13) might have started the down slope that the city is in.

There have been two (2) descent conservative candidates since Giuliani and Pataki — Nicole Malliotakis who ran for mayor in 2017 receiving 303,742 votes (28%) and Chele Chiavacci Farley who ran for US Senate also in 2018 receiving 1,998,220 votes (33%), roughly one third of the voters in both elections. As I have mentioned several times before, in a dark blue state like New York where the GOP is the decaying minority, conservatives might have a better chance under the LP banner with or without the GOP blessing (endorsement and/or support).

The same would be true in a dark red state where a third-party might have better chance than the DNC against the GOP. Of course, violence and deception don't help any leftist movement unless trying to achieve full-blown anarchy.

On a personal note

Although I support the Libertarian Party and I'm registered member of the party, I support the Tea Party Movement and many conservative groups — as well as President Donald Trump (R) although criticized by some members of the Libertarian Party. I strongly believe that Trump will be reelected in 2020 and that any libertarian running against Trump has no chance of winning.

The latter doesn't mean that a libertarian couldn't make an impact like getting more than 3% as Johnson did in 2016 — no thanks to former running mate Bill Weld (R) who said that Hillary Clinton (D) would be a better choice for president than his own partner during an interview with Johnson at his side. Maybe Johnson could have gotten better numbers if RINO Bill Weld kept his mouth shut or simply point at Johnson as the best choice for president during that interview.

I would like to see Johnson run again in 2020 even if he were to lose. At this point in time, Johnson could probably get at least 5% thanks to his +2% gain from 2012 to 2016 or perhaps much more given Weld's foot in mouth in 2016. Unfortunately Johnson has said multiple times that he doesn't want to run again and I don't see another LP leader nationwide other than LPNY leader Larry Sharpe. Of course, the dream ticket for many libertarians would still be Johnson/Sharpe.

I surely don't want a democrat in the White House. As I've mentioned for the past three (3) decades, I really can't trust democrats. In any case, most of the 22 democrats currently running for president are far-left flirting with socialism — a failed social and political dogma that often leads to communism, totalitarianism and/or dictatorship. Maybe these career politicians are merely catering to snowflakes, heavily indoctrinated millenials and its hooligans.

On a quick side note, I also believe that Mike Pence could and should become president in 2024 if given the properly structured support of an unified coalition of the GOP, the LP, the Tea Party and/or other right and/or right-leaning parties and groups.

Why such animosity against the DNC?

Most — if not all — conservative groups like the Republican Party, the Tea Party and the right-leaning Libertarian Party don't engage in violence in order to be heard or to win a debate of some sort. The DNC has constantly been accused of intimidation, physical attacks and violence in general against its opponents.

The current incarnation of the DNC uses fascist propaganda including but not limited to the mainstream media (news outlets, television dramas and comedies on broadcast and paid services, Hollywood and even music) to push their agenda and *muscle* regardless of name (currently known as Antifa).

  • The DNC propaganda promotes socialism (anti-capitalism), government (enslavement), globalism (no nationalism, no American pride, no Constitution), antitheism (removal of God, rejection of Christianity and Judaism, erasing religion to the point of militant atheism), break-up of the family unit (no marriage, no children, abortion, infantice, single parents, single mothers who have no clue the father is, homosexuality, constant attacks to heterosexual men especially if white, etc), racism, bigotry and the destruction of many other values once cherished by all Americans like patriotism (the flag, the national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance).
  • Aside from activists, the DNC employs foot soldiers (just like the Brown Shirts in Germany) who call themselves Antifa referring to the European militia against fascism (Mussolini), socialism (Hitler's Schutzstaffel and the rest of the Nazi Party) and authoritarianism during World War II Europe.

These two factors extend to intimidation and/or verbal and/or physical attacks on anyone who doesn't see things their way regardless of gender (male or female), age (from cradle to the grave), race (white, black, brown, yellow, green, gray, etc.), religion (Christian, Jew, Pagan, etc.), place of origin/birth and/or any other social group and/or characteristic.

Why barely any animosity against the GOP?

I've been a conservative since Ronald Wilson Reagan. I like the GOP, but a political nobody like me is a voiceless nobody in the GOP. Just like the DNC, the GOP is elitist unless you have deep pockets or a supporter (a puppeteer). At least, the elitist status in the GOP is usually determined by money rather than the color of skin or the Christian denomination.

Understanding the latter, the Libertarian Party allows anyone to run for office. Having said this, I could run for any local office as a libertarian regardless of the outcome although usually democrats only run for these seats.

Would you vote libertarian?

See results

© 2019 Frankie Olvera


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