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Mellow Murder

Updated on April 23, 2017

Lead water has effected multiple cities across the United States.

The Silent Poisoning of Houston County, AL

In 2014, Houston County in the southeast corner of Alabama reported the highest rate of lead poisoning in the entire United States of America. Yes, higher than Flint, Michigan. This statistical fact caught me by surprise as well. According to CDC data as recent as 2014, 7 of 12 children in Houston County had enough lead in their system to be considered POISONED. 25,557 citizens under the age of 18 were tested in this demonstration. Flint, Michigan posted only 4% of its children to be poisoned. By no means is this competition, but this shows how nationwide this extremely important problem is going unnoticed. Action must be taken as soon as possible for the sake of the health of everyone in areas where lead has effected the water.


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Effects of Lead Water

Whats even more frightening than the fact the we are drinking poisoned water, is the effects of the lead. "When cells in the brain absorb lead, it tends to affect the frontal cortex, the area responsible for abstract thought, planning, and attention, and the hippocampus, essential to learning and memory" says Alexandra Ossola from The effects of lead can be permanent so the dangers are urgent. Lead can even effect cells and the very way they receive their energy. This causes LIFE-LONG learning disabilities, behavior problems, and lower IQs. Lead water is causing the many problems that we see in kids, especially in the inner cities. The very reason for the bad behavior, grades, and environment is the water that we bathe in, drink, and cook with. This issue is deeper and more urgent than its being presented to the public.

The Good, Bad, and, Ugly

The good thing about this issue is that it is finally getting some attention, but not as much as it should. This is a start to a movement that needs to be nationwide to start informing everyone to stop taking in this poison, and demand clean water. This problem can become generational effecting people causing people to not use clear intuition and thoughts. This is a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible.

The bad thing about this issue is that people are oblivious to this issue. Also, there are people that can't afford to buy enough purified water to satisfy the needs for themselves and loved ones. A charity needs to be in place to raise the funds to protect these people.

The ugly thing about this problem is that people in government positions have known about this issue for years and refuse to provide the help for people. This raises two questons: Do you care about the well being of citizens? Do you care, but just does't have the funds to change it? The answer to both of those questions will both be horrible excuses to let this matter go on.


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