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Memo To Mitt Romney: Why You Do Not Want To Talk About Jeremiah Wright, OR, How Many Dead Jews Have You Baptized?

Updated on May 26, 2012

For Baptizing Dead People Only

If Mitt Romney's Supporters Use Jeremiah Wright Against Obama, Mormonism Will Be Scrutinized Like Never Before

Memo To Mitt (May 20, 2012):

Trust me, you do NOT want your supporters to start using Jeremiah Wright as a weapon against President Obama, and here are a few reasons why:

  • The Mormon Church and its beliefs, secrets and practices will become an issue.
  • Supporters, and even non-supporters of the President will come out in force to expose the seedier side of Mormonism, and that will hurt you.
  • You will be asked repeatedly, "How many dead Jews have you, yourself, baptized Mormon, by proxy?"
  • Why does the Mormon Church keep a list of Jews that they plan to baptize after they die?
  • How many times has Anne Frank been baptized Mormon?
  • Why do Mormons believe it is okay to lie to everyone, unless that person is another Mormon?
  • You will be hounded with questions about the electroshock therapy that was used to 'cure' gay Mormon students at Brigham Young University, and you may even have to field questions about Evergreen International...
  • You and Ann have been 'sealed'. So, you're gonna be "gods" and have your own planet? At least your kids won't be taken away from you and be given to more suitable parents in your version of heaven... Why did you think Newt's moon colony was so nutty? You believe that you are gonna populate a whole freakin' planet!

The Mormon Curtain of Secrecy Will Be Lifted

There are former Mormons, thousands of them, who have websites, videos on-line and published books readily available and they are only too willing to help frame Mormonism as a cult that tries to present itself as Christian, but is far from Christian. That is what you need to be afraid of, Mitt.

You may say that people will not listen, but I assure you, they will. That baptismal font in the Salt Lake City temple that is reserved for baptisms of dead people will become a picture on a bumper sticker.

And yes, Mitt, you will then have to etch a sketch your way out of using Jeremiah Wright as a weapon by saying something along the lines of, "I believe that only the economy should be discussed", but it will be too late.

So, Mitt, before you start using Jeremiah Wright, think long and hard about the consequences. Jeremiah Wright is an old story; Mormonism is not. As much as you hate scrutiny of yourself, your family, your history at Bain, this one will be a head-turner that you can ill afford.

Right now, Republicans in America think that you are acceptable; that you will do what you are told. When your religious beliefs come front and center, they won't. Instead of calling you a flip-flopper on issues, they will just call you a liar.

Instead of believing that President Obama is 'different' and not 'one of us', they will be saying that about you, Mitt!

Jillian Barclay

Comments Have Been Removed

In an effort to comply with Hubpages wishes, and the fact that another of my articles, previously titled, The GOP War on Everyone But The Rich, has been unpublished by Hubpages, I have removed all comments to this article. While comments and dialogue are appreciated by me, they are not appreciated by some.

Go Ugly Or Go Home! Nothing Is Off Limits!

Sean Hannity, of Fox News, thinks it is a matter of character and insists that Obama's minister should be used as a weapon against the President. If so, then Romney's religious beliefs must be a matter of character, and must also be considered. Right, Sean?

What a cesspool our politics has become, and even if you don't like swimming in raw sewage, at some point you are going to jump in!

Done Being Nice!

Religion is not what I normally write about, because I am not a church-goer. I believe in God, but not man-made, man-run churches. There should be no religious litmus test as a qualification for public office, but the GOP and Romney are using religion. So it is time to fight fire with fire.

Mitt Romney is slimier than a dead fish left out in the sun. Do I want him to be the next President of this country? Absolutely not! Do I trust him? No! If, as a voter, you believe that someone's religion makes them suitable or not suitable presidential material, then you better take a look at not just one of the candidates, but both.

I believe that Romney is a greedy, self-absorbed, self-serving, manipulative opportunist who will do whatever it takes to win an election. In that effort, he has been joined by Karl Rove and any number of countless, reprobate Republicans who are also willing to do and say whatever it takes to win an election. I know why the Republicans want to win; I don't yet know why Mitt is even running, but I, for one, am not going to let any of them get away with their swift-boating.

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