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Men's Rights Group of Arizona: Discrimination in Domestic Violence Cases. Abused Men Lose, Violent Women Win.

Updated on August 31, 2014
Welcome to Eloy Arizona!
Welcome to Eloy Arizona! | Source

Domestic violence is a real issue for men in the United States. According to some of the most widely recognized studies on domestic violence such as the Violence Against Women Survey, CDC reports and others, approximately 36% of all domestic violence victims are male. According to Dr. Murray Straus at the University of New Hampshire domestic violence within relationships are roughly equal. Women are just as likely to be the batterers in domestic violence as men as found in over 250 peer-reviewed research articles at the University of New Hampshire. Regardless of how you look at male victims of domestic violence they are often overlooked, underreported and frankly ignored.

Male victims of domestic violence face obvious issues when reporting domestic violence or fighting false accusations of domestic violence. This is true in Arizona and throughout the nation. Male domestic violence victims are discriminated against every day in law enforcement responses and within the court system. In fact, no other city or town within Arizona best highlights the real issues male victims of domestic violence face than the City of Eloy in Pinal County Arizona.

Currently, men are facing blatant discrimination by the Eloy Police Department, Pinal County Attorney’s Office and the Eloy Justice Court with Judge Marie “Toni” Lorona presiding. The Eloy Police Department has major issues of discrimination in domestic violence cases going back nearly 15 years after receiving large sums of federal dollars through the violence Against Women Act.

Let’s just highlight a couple of the cases that can be found on our website ( that clearly point to a lack of training and professional standards within the department. These low standards and non-existent training places every man at risk for false arrest and failure to protect men from a violent and abusive female partners.

In 2011, a drunk and out of control woman, who happens to be a science teacher at a local high school, called the police on her unsuspecting boyfriend claiming domestic violence. Was she hit, threatened or emotionally battered. No. Did this abusive man use a weapon or force her to do something against her will? No. What this horribly abusive boyfriend was accused of, according to police report 2011-1001, was “poor housecleaning”. You can already tell, this guy's a real monster! Let me say that again, she wanted her live-in boyfriend arrested for “poor housecleaning”. Now isn’t this a great use of our tax dollars at work?

According to the police report, this out of control drunk, which this fact was clearly highlighted in Officer Tarango's report, threatened to use her ex-husband to physically remove her boyfriend from the home where he lived and resided for months. The abused man, seeing how out of control his girlfriend told Officer Tino Tarango he felt “threatened” and “fearful” based on his girlfriend's actions. Somehow these statements did not register to Officer Tarango and he did not consider the fact that the “male” in this case was the real victim. Although these statements were written in his report, Officer Tarango failed to act. Under Arizona Revised Statutes, this abusive drunk woman should have been arrested under section 13-2904A1-3 explains, “A person commits disorderly conduct if, with intent to disturb the peace or quiet of a neighborhood, family or person, or with knowledge of doing so, such person… engages in fighting, violent or seriously disruptive behavior;” In addition to this charge this woman should have been charged This charge should have been associated with a domestic violence charge as listed under 13-3601 since they were clearly living together.

Instead of arresting the abusive and controlling girlfriend for her threats and actions, Officer Tino Tarango informed the abused male the next time the Eloy Police Department response to the home for domestic violence call “the arrest will be male”. This statement is written directly and Officer Tino Tarango’s police report as cited above.

Staying true to his word, exactly four months later, Officer Tarango responded again according to Eloy Police Report report 2011-2133 The abused boyfriend ran from the home after he was hit approximately 10 times. This poor trusting fellow, moved out of his house four days prior because his abusive girlfriend was having an affair with her best friend’s husband. Now that’s a whole other story and a topic we will not get into here. However, in his haste to leave the home the night he learned of the affair, several important documents from his employer was left behind forcing him to return to the home several days later.

By the time the male victim finished work for the day as a high school biology/chemistry teacher and coached JV and Varsity Girls Volleyball after school, he drove over to his ex-girlfriend’s home in Eloy Arizona to retrieve his paperwork. When he arrived to his former home with his ex-girlfriend's permission, she was well on her way to being trashed off of Grey Goose and vodka. The abusive woman wanted to “talk things over” before he left the house. He stayed and talked for about an hour before his female abuser turned on him. Eventually, when she wanted to have sex with him and he refused, she went ballistic. His refusal was the catalyst for her to hit him multiple times and chased him throughout the house. In a mad dash to collect his documents off the coffee table before leaving, he mistakenly took the wrong cell phone. Like any man attacked by a mad woman, he jumped in the car and drove away very grateful to have escaped the encounter.

Thirty minutes later, this man who escaped his abusive girlfriend realized he had taken the wrong cell phone. Knowing he had to return the phone but not wanting to return to the house without a police escort, he called the Eloy Police Department and requested a civil standby in order to return the phone. Tonight was not this poor guy’s night because none other than Officer Tino Tarango responded to his call for service. After making contact, the male victim of domestic violence reported his abuse to Officer Tarango and the physical assault that occurred. Do you think Officer Tarango investigated this man’s claims? If you guessed no, then you’re right. When this poor guy showed up at the home to return the phone he was arrested for domestic violence/prevention of the use of a phone. Like Officer Tino Tarango stated before, if he had to come back to the house on a domestic violence call it would be the "male" who is arrested. Apparently, Officer Tarango was dead serious about his bias in domestic violence cases either through training or lack of education. My guess is both!

Now this is not the end of this poor guy’s struggles. This guy who was assaulted and ran for his life from his abusive girlfriend spent the next year in the Eloy Justice Court trying to clear his name. Nevertheless, Deputy County Attorney Stephanie Stankey thought it fit to file more charges on the real domestic violence victim. By June 13, 2012 Deputy County Attorney Stephanie Stankey filed two more additional charges against him. These charges were disorderly conduct/domestic violence and criminal damage/domestic violence. Not only did Officer Tarango swallow this abusive womans story so did the Pinal County Attorney’s Office.

On June 13, 2012, in the Eloy Justice Court with Judge Marie “Toni” Lorona presiding, the male victim of domestic violence was convicted of a crime that was actually perpetrated against him. His sentence included 52 domestic violence classes and two years supervised probation. The court sentence also destroyed this man’s career who was a science teacher and volleyball coach at a local high school in Eloy. This abusive woman not only got away with assaulting her boyfriend, she also took away his career in a fit of rage and drunkenness only a liberal feminist could pull off.

This poor guy’s story doesn’t end here. After being convicted of a crime he did not commit, the Men’s Right’s Group of Arizona went to bat for this guy and finally a local newspaper, The Eloy Enterprise published his story. Eloy Police Chief Bill Pitman was forced to conduct an internal investigation on Officer Tarango’s clearly unprofessional and discriminatory conduct. Would you know it, in an internal investigation dated December 13, 2012 found Officer Tarango had violated policy in both cases. Not only did he violate policy, according to the investigation, Officer Tarango “failed to investigate the allegations” of abuse leveled at the abusive woman. That’s right, Officer Tarango never conducted an investigation. Officer Tarango never asked her a single question about her abusive actions. He simply filed a report to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office and Deputy County Attorney Stephanie Stankey swallowed the bogus story hook, line and sinker!

The abused male in this case ended up suing the City of Eloy Arizona based on Officer Tarango’s discriminatory actions. The City of Eloy and the Eloy Police Department is only now taking responsibility for the unprofessional conduct of Officer Tino Tarango over a year after the incident. Although the City of Eloy has taken financial responsibility for its wrongdoing one fact remains the same. Shortly before the investigation was made public, Officer Tarango was recently promoted to Detective Division. That’s right, the complete idiot who could not manage to properly investigate a domestic violence case is now in charge of investigating more serious crimes such as burglary, robbery and even homicide. Keep in mind, “Detective” Tarango has been on the force for 18 years. Makes you wonder how many innocent people he wrongfully arrested for crimes they did not commit and were later convicted by the Pinal County Attorney’s Office. After reading this article, would you really want this moron handling your domestic violence case? I think not!

If you believe, after reading the story and feel the City of Eloy should terminate Detective Tarango for his actions please call Chief Pitman at 520- 466-7324 or write 630 North Main St., Eloy, AZ 85131.

The Eloy Police Department finally managed to own up to this man’s false arrest and later conviction by throwing thousands of taxpayer dollars at the problem. However, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office is now failing to set aside the criminal conviction even though the Eloy Police Department admitted “no investigation” ever took place.

If you experienced discrimination in a domestic violence case in Arizona or another state we would like to hear from you. Please visit the Men's Right's Group of Arizona web page and tell us your story.

Richard Cassalata M.Ed., AND
Men’s Rights Group of Arizona
Chapter President
National Coalition for Men-Arizona

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Not always true! Gilbert PD did this in reverse to ME! Husband hit me and split my lip open and choked me in Feb on this year. He was allowed to post his own bail by a judge and walk to the ATM to drain our bank account with a police escort. While in hand cuffs he flipped me off in front of an officer while I was at the courthouse getting an order of protection.

      The case was plead out, OFP dropped even though he violated it many, many times. Not 24 hours after he's allowed back in the house he gets verbally abusive, starts a huge fight and throws my keys in the backyard so I can't leave the house. He taunts me to go get them saying he will lock the sliding glass door and leave in the heat like a dog. My mom calls the police to have him removed again (I had called her for help not knowing what to do) Guess who they arrest?! ME!

      They said I had started the argument and I was the aggressor. They were going to ticket him, but decided they didn't want to do the paperwork (I over heard the 2 officers talking) I'm taken into custody and am not allowed the same favored treatment. I can't use an ATM to get bail money, it's illegal in AZ I'm told. Someone has to post your bail. I later find out the judge in the case put it on record that *I* had posted his bail!!!

      I'm taken to 4th Ave jail for 23 hours. Fine I plead guilty to my charge of disorderly conduct. I now have to see GYAR. Husband did as well, I'm to check in every 60 days and got sentenced to 26 weeks of "domestic violence" class. Husband got nothing! His GYAR counselor has decided that he doesn't need to do the mandatory counseling or checking in that is required under AZ law.

      So just saying it happens to both sexes, perhaps because other women have misused the system? I don't know, but in talking with the other gals in my class that I have to go every Monday evening now it's not uncommon for the women to be arrested even when they are the victims too.

    • Cassalata profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      There are groups like the Men's Rights Group of Arizona that can help you after a false arrest. Our organization can advocate for you during this process and apply pressure where pressure is needed to assist in protecting your rights. We are also looking for domestic violence cases to publish to change existing laws in Arizona and nationally. If you would like to be a part of our next book or would like more information that could help you in your case please email us at We wish you the best of luck on your case.

    • profile image

      I'm not sure if I feel safe giving my name out. 

      4 years ago

      I was a victim and still am victim of domestic violence... The current system is one sided. When I arrested for my domestic dispute between I and a former girlfriend of mine, by Apache Junction police department. My arresting office punched me in the face repeatedly, think it was officer Tibble, and his panther Officer Duthoy. Who stood back and watched as his partner slam my chin into the edge of the computer desk brusting open the bottom of my chin. I admitted to drinking, placing my finger on her forehead, then pushing her after she dig her nails into my throat. To make a long story short, I was arrested and released from Pinal County Jail. The releasing the judge told me he believed from reading the reading the reports, that I would have been charged with a misdemeanor if it was up to him. He also believe it shoulf be the outcome the judgement that awaited me, but that I would be more than likely to receive a felony. In which the County Attorney of Pinal County did so. I was allowed to contact my former girlfriend after being released and lived with her. There was no more incidents like so between us two. She even informed me, that she wrote a letter to the Attorney's office; requesting I receive a misdemeanor, 18 months of unsupervised probation, anger management and AA. After we both went over the police reports, we came the realization that Officer Tibble and Duthoy fabricated most of their reports from the incident that took place on December 23, 2013. I was setence on April 25, 2014, with a undesignated felony 6 along with all the harsh ship that came along with it. I take full responsibility for my actions that occurred that day of 12/23/13. I feel like those get away, lied on me to meet their quotas and they're out there doing same to people's lives.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      The laws need to be changed period! This current system isn't working,

    • tuteramanda profile image


      5 years ago from beijing china

      why not called masculism like feminism?


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