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Merkel Sure To Get Approval In German Parliament.

Updated on December 1, 2015

Angela Merkel.


Germany In Support Role.

The German Parliament in Berlin is sure to back Angela Merkel's Cabinet decision to contribute German forces in a support role in the fight against Islamic State. Her party is the dominant grouping in the coalition government and so it is expected that the plan to send German forces in a support role to the French and others in Syria will be passed.

The decision proposes that Germany will contribute 1,200 troops and also a Tornado reconnaissance plane that will be sent along with tankers to help coalition airforces to refuel in mid - air and also a German warship to help protect a French warship.

In the past Germany has resisted calls for it to get involved in any way in the Syria conflict but because the French requested German help after the November 13 Islamic State attacks on Paris which killed 130 people the Germans were obligated to help their European neighbour and so the decision was taken by the German Cabinet to help the French and contribute to the anti - IS Coalition in general.

Germany because of its involvement in World War II is very reluctant to get involved in world conflicts however it contributed police men and women to help the Afghan government to train its police in the fight against the Taleban and also took part in the NATO war against Serbia over Kosovo where British and German planes flew side by side as allies dropping bombs on Serb targets during the conflict.

It would seem that in the dangerous world we live in countries like Germany and Japan who were part of the Axis powers in World War II are getting more involved militarily on the right side this time as World War II though not forgotten drifts further and further into the past.

View Of British Houses Of Parliament.

Wednesday Seems To Be The Day To Decide:  To Bomb Or Not To Bomb IS In Syria.
Wednesday Seems To Be The Day To Decide: To Bomb Or Not To Bomb IS In Syria. | Source

Jeremy Corbyn Backs Down In Face Of Stubborn Shadow Cabinet Meeting.

It would seem Jeremy Corbyn according to some Labour sources was given quote 'a good kickling' by his Cabinet team consisting of Andy Burnham who ran against Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour party, Tom Watson Corbyn's no 2, plus close allies of Corbyn John McDonnell and Diane Abbott.

Much of his Cabinet had threatened to rebel or even resign if Corbyn had forced them to his way of thinking that he was unconvinced by David Cameron's arguments for airstrikes on Islamic State in Syria in the wake of the Paris attacks by the Jihadist group. It seems though the Shadow Cabinet meeting as hinted earlier was a stormy affair with it being reported that many of Corbyn's ministers refused to leave the room until Corbyn would allow them a free vote.

Well it obviously worked as his MPs both inside and outside of the Shadow Cabinet in the Parliamentary Labour Party do now have a free vote in the British Parliament when the vote to go for airstrikes on Islamic State in Syria or not is brought before members of Parliament of all political hues.

The vote is expected to be tommorow and it is assumed David Cameron will get his way on airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria.

Leader Of The Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn Denies Being Pacifist.
Jeremy Corbyn Denies Being Pacifist. | Source

BBC News 24's Laura Kuennsberg Talks To Jeremy Corbyn.

At a meeting that seemed to be taking place in the Houses of Parliament possibly Corbyn's office in Westminster BBC correspondent Laura Kuennsberg chatted to Jeremy Corbyn about the last 24 hours regarding his backing down to his cabinet at a meeting. Kuennsberg put it to Corbyn he had failed to convince his cabinet of his arguments against airstrikes against IS in Syria to which Corbyn admitted this was the case but he would still continue right down to the wire of the vote in Parliament tommorow to convince his MPs of his case against airstrikes.

Kuennsberg asked him would he and his Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn be on oppostie sides of the argument if he and his Labour colleague were in government right now to which Corbyn replied that was a hypotheitical question. Corbyn said that most Labour party members were opposed to airstrikes and had sent him encouraging correspondence.

Corbyn said he would prefer at the end of the day for his MPs to vote against airstrikes however he had allowed them as leader or rather he was forced to back down by his Shadow Cabinet to allow Labour MPs a free vote on the subject. But he said if Labour MPs and all MPs vote for the airstrikes to go ahead against IS in Syria ordinary civilians in Raqqa (the self proclaimed IS capital) will die and the British bombing could cause more people to rally to Islamic State's struggle against its enemies.

Many people in the know have said bombing alone will not destroy Islamic State and at the end of the day it may require Western forces on the ground but given the disasters of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya when the West took part in military action against the Taliban, Saddam or Ghadaffi that is not going to happen soon. Corbyn questioned the reliability of the 70 to 75,000 forces in Syria opposed to Islamic State who would according to David Cameron rally to the West's cause to oust Islamic State.

Corbyn also raised who is giving the Islamic State its weapons and who is buying its oil so it can continue its war effort. He admitted that the United States and others had signed up to the Vienna peace agreement but said bombing will it make us in the West any safer?

He said if he were Prime minister he would ask the Americans and French and others to push for greater plans for a political settlement for the people of Syria and Corbyn also said he was not a pacifist but when Kuennsberg pushed him about under any circumstances would he advocate military action it seemed his seemingly pacifist mind (which he denies being) kept returning to the same anti - war groove which in the ideal would be fine but we unfortunately do not live in the ideal world as evidenced in the events in our world.


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