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Message to Black People

Updated on January 18, 2016

The Dehumanization of Blacks

The word Nigger was used to dehumanize blacks.
The word Nigger was used to dehumanize blacks. | Source

The author of this article is African American

Opportunities for African Americans have improved over the past century. While diversity is more prevalent and acceptable within organizations, educational systems, and within communities. It is no secret that disparities and racial discrimination still exist. Unfortunately, the core of racial inequities stem from and within African American people and communities.

Those who allow the cloud of oppression to pollute their minds—pass these ideas down for generations. One common problem is the acceptance of generational poverty. This mindset is responsible for the entitlement of government assistance, subsidized housing, free money and programs. Although many people use these resources as a stepping stone to their success or that of their offspring, others use it as a crutch. This mentality encourages mediocracy, which has been reinforced throughout history.

In African American communities men are not on the list of most successful. They are often the reason government assistance is needed. Interestingly, single black women and the absence of black men bare no correlation in lowering the population of unwanted and unplanned births. This could be because in some black communities—sex is recreational—a past time. Beit boredom, lack of concern or care for much else—reckless reproduction appears to be a generational trend.

Those who surpass or overcome stereotypes and trends in the African American community often get labeled as thinking they are “better than” or are being an “uppity” Negro or black person. The term crab in the bucket is often used to describe a behavior displayed by blacks when—other blacks seek to accomplish and succeed over stereotypes. The crabs in a bucket metaphor is used as—one attempting to pull down another. This infers the lack of acceptance within the black community—for success.

Subconsciously, anything less than the stereotype is denounced. In turn instead the majority adhere to it by allowing thoughts, behaviors and standards that confirm various components of negativity associated with being African American or Black. Subconsciously, self-limiting beliefs become part of an everyday lifestyle,) culture and environment. A great example is the comfort and embrace of the “N” word.

Huckleberry Finn’s (Mark Twain, 1884) friend Nigger Jim—was a Nigger before he was a human being. Some African American’s have embraced the dehumanization of their own race. So much so, that they refer to themselves as Niggers. One could argue that African American’s use the word Nigga to converse with their friends and family members. The problem is no matter how one spells it—the word derived to dehumanize a race of people. Consciously, African American’s recognize a part of this ugly word—as it is unacceptable when a white person uses it.

This word is a reflection of oppression, low self-worth, it’s that ugly stain in the ghettos of America and it is a reflection of how African Americans see one another. The best thing we can do as a society is to retire—that word!

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