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Mexico's Bloody War on Drug Cartels

Updated on February 27, 2013

Estimates are 80,000 killed, 27,000 missing and counting....

To put this into perspective, the Syrian rebel uprising of the past two years has yielded about those same amounts plus millions of refugees. The Contra War in Nicaragua from 1981-90, had 60,000 dead. While the numbers are similar, the time in which they have happened is not. Mexico's war numbers are only for the past six years. It makes this period of time Mexico's most bloody since the early 20th century.

Oh, here is yet another number, nearly 16,000 partial human remains that have never been accounted for. Compare this to how many people disappeared in Brazil during their military dictatorship, only 137. Many of these cases do involve government forces to some degree because many are corrupt and paid by the drug cartels.

The fuel for this war comes from America's demand for cocaine and other drugs, many operate along the US-Mexico border. The cartels are using drilling engineers to design and build many underground tunnels for their smuggling efforts.They use terrorist tactics from Islamists like beheadings and dismemberment to coerce opposition into submission.

The Mexican government continues to investigate the internal manipulated crime scenes, fabricated evidence. Of the 5000 cases in the pipeline to prosecute by internal affairs, only 137 have so far been convicted.


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