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Mic Check

Updated on November 23, 2011

Mic Check

This simply phase has come to resonate to those for whom the Bell Tolls. On this Thanksgiving holiday 2011, we as a nation should extend our gratitude for the rebirth of a nation. Regardless of ones social standing or political affiliation, the beacon of America is on the ropes. Those whom believe their immune from the day’s events are mistaken. We are all in the same boat, though some have a better seat. Democracy is under attack; fact is, has been for far too long. I give thanks for the end of the long slumber of ‘We the People.’

It never ceases to amaze me, how those two innocuous words transform a seasoned politician into a deer in the headlights. It’s as if an observer could read their minds at that particular frozen moment in time; “Shit! Now what do I do?” This is the very moment of truth, how one handles this ‘baptism under fire’ defines leadership. Those whom are prepared for this moment in time act with restrain. Fore they are well aware, in the age of the twenty-four hour news cycle; their reaction will be played over and over, on a loop. Careers of preparedness have been made and destroyed under this scenario; known as the deer in the headlight moment.

I am Thankful to have an outlet with which I can vent my opinions, state my case, and purge my frustrations…while getting feedback from those whom agree as well as disagree. It goes to the very strength of the foundation of our nation, that we may agree to disagree, and we go from there. The history of infighting we have endured as a people is our power over evil. We have been down this road before, and we have come to find the way out…smarter, stronger, and slightly skeptical.

So, at this time of a truly American holiday, I say to our nation in turmoil; God Bless the United States of America. Mic Check!


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    • gjfalcone profile image

      gjfalcone 6 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

      Well said BrokenDreamer.

    • BrokenDreamer profile image

      Jen Christopherson 6 years ago from Oklahoma, USA

      Mic check, indeed!