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Michael Avenatti: Children Remaining in Detention 'a Disgrace'

Updated on August 13, 2018
Stephen Sinclair profile image

Stephen Sinclair is a Canadian freelance writer who has been publishing professionally for several years.

Avenatti: Children Separated From Families 'A Disgrace'

Family separation protests at Miami Dade College
Family separation protests at Miami Dade College | Source

Over 300 Children's Parents Have Been Deported Without Them

Highlighting figures released in a filing by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, attorney and "serious" presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti tweeted that they are a "disgrace." The 47-year-old legal representative of adult film star Stormy Daniels was referring to the 559 children, of which the parents of 386 have already been deported, as reported by Time, still being detained at the U.S.-Mexico border and other facilities.

Michael Avenatti's most recent admonishment of the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy, as featured with USA Today, is the latest of many that have come as he has been representing separated family members.

In June 2018, he tweeted, "If anyone knows of a parent that has had their child taken from them at the border and not returned, please have them contact me as I am entering this fight. This outrageous conduct must be brought to an immediate end."

"If you want to get into the middle of it along the Texas border, call or IM me," Laredo lawyer Ricardo de Anda responded to Avenatti's offer of help, as reported by the Daily Beast. "My law office phone number is in the phone book. We're in the thick of it and can use all the help we can get."

De Anda asked for a paralegal. Avenatti arrived in Laredo with a lawyer the next day.

Michael Avenatti: Pro Bono Work For Separated Families

Michael Avenatti: Porn Star Lawyer?

In addition to the fact that families were separated in the first place, Michael Avenatti has taken particular issue with the apparently non-existent record keeping, the kind of which can result in over 500 children being separated from their families with administrators unsure of the locations of the parents in more than 300 cases.

"If they don't have that information, who does?" Avenatti asked at a June-20, Phoenix press conference outside of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. "How are we supposed to track these kids down and reunite them with their families if we can't even figure out where everyone is."

Later on Monday, August 13, 2018, following his tweets about the situation on the U.S.-Mexico border, Michael Avenatti asked his followers to not fall prey to commentary by Tucker Carlson "and the other hacks" at Fox News about his status as a "porn star lawyer."

He asked his followers to consider his work fighting for victims of cemeteries and problematic medical gear, as reported by 60 Minutes, along with his 18 years of fighting on behalf of "Davids" against "Goliaths."

Friday, at an Iowa Democratic Party fundraiser, the California attorney announced that he was serious about a potential Michael Avenatti 2020 presidential run. Espousing popular left-wing policy positions, such as Medicare for all and campaign finance reform, the courtroom superstar would seem to be gathering early momentum.

Though formal polling on the Democratic presidential hopeful is elusive, a Twitter poll by AM Joy, asking, "Should @MichaelAvenatti run for president?" showed that 32 percent of respondents felt that he should. This would seem a remarkable number for a political newbie. More than 62,000 Twitter users took part.

Michael Avenatti 2014 '60 Minutes' Appearance

Trump 'Economic Fiction'?

To date, Michael Avenatti has used two slogans with his political investigations, including, "When they go low, we hit harder," referencing famous advice given by former First Lady Michelle Obama, and, "Make America America Again," which alludes to Donald Trump's war cry, "Make America Great Again," shortened by his supporters to, "MAGA."

Like many of his potential political rivals, Michael Avenatti failed to mention the United States' falling participation rate in a later tweet with regard to Donald Trump's own boasting about the nation's current low unemployment rate. He did, however, shine light on the "quality" of the current U.S. labor market.

"Trump needs to stop touting the unemployment rate as the end all be all," Michael Avenatti tweeted. "The QUALITY of jobs is just as important if not more so. Ask yourself whether the current economy is the best you have personally experienced in your lifetime? Are your wages and job security the best ever?"

According to Investopedia, the U.S. participation rate fell from 67.0 percent in 2000 to 62.7 percent in 2017. The Associated Press has deemed several of President Trump's claims with regard to his economic achievements "fiction."

Michael Avenatti Poll Results

Michael Avenatti poll results
Michael Avenatti poll results | Source

© 2018 Stephen Sinclair


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  • Stephen Sinclair profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen Sinclair 

    4 months ago from Canada

    Brad: The vast majority of those fleeing Central America fear for their lives. They had no choice about putting "their children into a situation that endangers their safety," they were already endangered. They are coming to America seeking amnesty and safety.

    Where is your evidence of children being separated from their families before the "zero tolerance" policy of the Trump administration?

    Yes, 19 hijackers murdered thousands of innocent Americans. The majority of those hijackers, 15 of them, were from Saudi Arabia. Why did the U.S. invade Iraq in retaliation? Why does it maintain close ties with Saudi Arabia, today? And why isn't Saudi Arabia included in Trump's travel ban?

    Further, it is an established fact that terror attacks by right wingers outnumber those by Islamic jihadists. They are also on the rise in the era of Donald Trump.

    Further, many undocumented immigrants work, pay taxes, and contribute towards social programs that they will never use. Donald Trump himself depends on foreign labor. The United States loses money when undocumented immigrants leave.

    Further, Americans don't need drugs from other countries. They seem to be doing just fine manufacturing methamphetamine and oxycontin on their own. Sure, international drug smuggling should be stopped, but even it it was, Americans would still be ODing in the streets. $20 billion is nothing compared with the revenues of big drug manufacturers who are behind America's opioid epidemic.

    No American politician wants open borders. Too many American politicians want to increase the number of inmates in American prisons, because much of it is operated privately, where politicians have a profit motive to incarcerate as many people as they can. This system is a big part of the reason why "homeless tent cities" exist and "we also see discarded drug needles, and excrement, and environments we see in poor third world countries."

    Thank your lucky stars it wasn't you who was born in Guatemala in 2010 or Berlin in 1936. Try putting yourself in the shoes of a Central American child or a Jewish father and rethink some of the nonsense that you spew. It could be one of your relatives or someone you care about, someday. I don't want to hear about your family's history, either. If any of them have lived through anything close to the Holocaust or what these Central American families have been through, they would be completely ashamed of your words.

  • bradmasterOCcal profile image

    Brad Masters 

    4 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

    This situation was not created by president Trump and it existed under president Obama.

    This would not be a situation at all, if we had the wall.

    And the situation starts with the parents of these children. They are the ones that put their children into a situation that endangers their safety.

    They make it even more dangerous when the left the children go by themselves, at the mercy of the child traffickers.

    The situation is also one that is created by the failure of congress to make laws that address this situation. President Trump is executing the Immigration laws. And the people that illegally come into this country know or should know the consequences of their illegal actions.

    In 2009-2011, the democrats were in control of the country, and they could have written any immigration laws that they wanted to, but they didn't.

    Third, it is really sad when politicians, and other people think more about foreigners that illegally come across the open US border, than they do about America and its people.

    The US has a major homeless problem, and along with the homeless are drugs. When we see the homeless tent cities we also see discarded drug needles, and excrement, and environments we see in poor third world countries. The open US border with Mexico allows the drug cartels to get over $20 billion of illegal drugs into the country every year. Along with the drugs, there is child trafficking, diseases, criminals, gun running and other contraband. There could even be easy access for terrorists, but we don't know because we don't have control over our borders. How many terrorists are you willing to let into the country across the open border. Keep in mind that it only took 19 terrorists to successfully kill over 3,000 people in the US, and surprise the entire US National Defense and all of the US intelligence agencies.

    Instead of worrying about illegal aliens who intentionally break our immigration laws, why aren't we worrying about our own.

    Any any politician or US president that makes the illegal alien more important than the US And its people is not worth voting for.

    If you don't take care of your family, you should be taking care of someone elses!

    Why should illegal aliens be rewarded for not honoring the laws of the US, while the people of the US don't get the help that they need?

    Illegal aliens also commit Felonies in the US not associated with illegal entry. And the sanctuaries in the US protect them from rightfully being deported. How does this help the people in the country be safe?

    Remember, these children wouldn't be in custody if it wasn't for their parents. And even US citizens that take their children when they go commit a crime, and get caught are also separated from their children.

    So, these illegal aliens are being treated the same as American citizen criminals.

    And with all the other major issues in the US, to focus on this one is ridiculous. As I mentioned we have a major drug problem in the US. The drug cartel ships the drugs to the waiting arms of people in the US. This then creates a health issue, as there are overdosing from these drugs. Spread of disease from their needles, and crimes being committed so they can pay for their drug habit.

    This increases the burden on our health system, and our criminal system. The police, the courts and the jails are all burdened by the illegal drugs coming into the country. Along with the drug cartel contraband, come their enforcers, and drug movers that come against the Border Patrol, and if they get past the Border Patrol it can be a problem with the state and local police.

    There are over 2 million inmates in the US prisons and jails, do we really need more because we have politicians that want open borders?

    And the real problem are the people that support the politicians that focus on using illegal aliens as their political foundation. They are intentionally dividing the US over illegal aliens, much like the democrats did with slavery in 1860 leading to the Civil War, And then again in the 1960s because they violated the 13th, 14, and 15 amendments

    Today, they are at it once again.

  • JAKE Earthshine profile image

    JAKE Earthshine 

    4 months ago from Milky-Way Galaxy ~ 4th Planet from the SUN

    Patriot Michael Avenatti is right and to date, of all the despicable atrocities and crimes against the USA including his crimes against our constitution, the unconscionable separation of innocent children from their parents and actually caging them like an evil low life barbarian would do in some third world state is probably Donald Trump's most alarming and horrific act so far:

    He must be removed from the oval office ASAP and of course we must assume that God will be unkind to him when that time comes:


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