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Michelle Obama Goes to School

Updated on March 28, 2014

Michelle on International Travel

Poor Michelle! You probably thought no one would notice - especially since you forbade the U.S. media from accompanying you to China and, instead, had the White House produce it's own propaganda video of your visit - but it couldn't be that you've been caught in some blatant lies, is it? No, maybe your memory is just getting bad!

At a Beijing Normal School on March 21, 2014 you said a few words before beginning your tour of the school: Remember this?

"It’s very rare that I have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States, and it’s even more rare to have the opportunity to travel with three generations -- with my daughters, and with my mother. And it is no accident that one of our first trips as a family is here to China." (Remarks by First Lady Michelle Obama and Madame Peng Before Tour of Beijing Normal School)

Really? Michelle, you have traveled to Britain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Italy, Vatican, Ghana, Denmark, Norway, Haiti, Mexico, Spain, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Ireland, Botswana, South Africa, The Bahamas, Senegal, Tanzania and now China. Not only that, but this isn't the first time you've brought members of your family on your trips.

Perhaps those countries didn't leave much of an impression, and so you forgot about them. I guess we need to allow you that possibility.

Michelle with students in China.
Michelle with students in China. | Source

The Joys of Free Speech

But then, at the Stanford Center at Peking University you told the Chinese people:

“Time and again, we have seen that countries are stronger and more prosperous when the voices and opinions of all their citizens can be heard,...we respect the uniqueness of other cultures and societies, but when it comes to expressing yourself freely and worshiping as you choose and having open access to information...they are universal rights that are the birthright of every person on this planet." (Remarks by the First Lady at Stanford Center at Peking University)

Then about media criticism you told the audience:

“My husband and I are on the receiving end of plenty of questioning and criticism from our media and our fellow citizens,” she said. “And it’s not always easy, but we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.”

Did you forgot to tell the Chinese about how the Department of Justice spied on Associated Press reporters?

Did you forget to tell them about how the Department of Justice also spied on Fox News reporter James Rosen?

Did you forget to tell them that your husband called Fox News reporting "destructive"?

Did you forget to tell them about the Federal Communications Commission's great plan of placing its people in news operations to "study" editorial decisions and news room operations?

Did you forget to tell them that often those who speak out against your husband find themselves on the receiving end of an IRS investigation?

Once again, did you forget that you banned the American press from traveling with you?

Oh, and did you tell them - while building relationships with the Chinese people - that the NSA hacked into the Chinese servers of a company named Huawei? - and that the operation, named "Shotgiant," was so when Huawei sold equipment to other countries, the NSA could use that equipment to spy on other countries?

No, I guess all of that just slipped your mind. After all, you must have a lot on your mind, what with the Beijing hotel staff complaining about your entourage, and your mother barking orders to the staff.


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