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Michigan bans abortion insurance coverage

Updated on December 14, 2013

Michigan jumps on the ban wagon with the now 24 states who have passed new law to prevent healthcare insurance from covering abortions. The new law was set in to motion after the Election Division of the Secretary of State received petitions with over 316,000 signatures wanting the Abortion insurance opt-out act to be passed. “Abortion is not true health care and people who object will not have to contribute their own tax dollars or insurance premiums for elective abortions. This law is instrumental in preserving our long tradition of protecting the conscience rights of Michigan citizens before the Affordable Care Act takes full effect in 2014.” said Barbara Listings, President of right to life of Michigan. The abortion insurance opt out act saw mild resistance in the Michigan house of representatives but made it through with a vote of 62 -47. In the Michigan senate the abortion insurance opt out act went through with almost no resistance with a majority vote of 27 - 11.

This is not the first time our Michigan elected officials had to vote on the abortion insurance opt out act. It had been passed through the Michigan house and the Senate about eleven months ago but the legislation was then vetoed by governor Rick Snyder. Shortly after many Michigan pro life groups started their No taxes for abortion insurance petition drive to give the Michigan house and Senate a second chance to vote on the bill. Since the legislation was brought to the house from the citizens of the state and not by our elected officials, the new law does not require a signature from the governor Rick Synder, who is pro abortion. With Governor Rick Synder out of the way, the Abortion Insurance opt out act passed through the Michigan house and Senate quite easily. The abortion insurance opt out act won't be in effect for 90 days from Friday the 13th.

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It is no surprise that so many States across the nation are passing laws to ban insurance companies from covering abortions. Over the pass four years several anti abortion and pro life laws have been passed throughout the united states. Many pro life activists opposed federal funding of abortion under Obamacare, even with the law stating that the funding streams would be kept separate. There was also an added clause that would allow states to place bans on abortion coverage indiviually. Many prolife groups point to this added clause as proof that the insurance funding streams would not be kept separtate. The Michigan ban on abortion coverage does not allow for plans on or off of the exchange to cover abortions except for when the life of the mother is at risk. Of the 24 states that placed bans on abortion coverage, six of those states include only a life of the mother exception. There are also 14 states that included what is called the federal Hyde Amendment, this amendment allows for insurance coverage of abortions in the case of a rape or incest. A couple of states also included abortion coverage if the birth would affect the mothers long term health or if the baby has been dianosed with severe or fatal defects. Then in Tennessee and Louisianna the states banned abortion coverage altogether, no exceptions even if the life of the mother is at risk.


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