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Michigan is Not Mississippi!

Updated on October 13, 2009

“What we’re fighting for is for Michigan not to be Mississippi,”

"We are trying for Michigan not to be Mississippi." Those were the words of Michigan's Governor Jennifer Granholm, this past week in budget meetings in her state. Granholm and other Government officials were meeting to try and resolve a 2.8 billion dollar State budget shortfall. Granholm went on to say that "We fighting to make sure that Michigan has a diverse economy, educated people and protecting people along the way.

OK Let's look at this logically, while it's true that Michigan is home to several major corporations, it's unemployment rates at 15.2 percent is one of highest in the nation. While Mississippi's is still well below 10 percent according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Part of this astronomically high unemployment rate can be contributed to Michigan's consistent loss of major corporate Headquarters leaving it's state. Businesses such as Gerber, Kmart, and upjohn have all been part of the mass exodus brought on by the states ruthless tax hikes on businesses. Couple these tax hikes, with the many Unions that have the state in an ever tightening choke hold with the recent economic slowdown and you have an economy that is dying instead of diverse.

While we can't arque that michigan's dropout rate is about 20 percent lower than ours, one must ask themselves what good will it do for them to graduate if their state has no jobs for them to go to.

As for protecting it's citizens according to statistics from 2006 Michigan ranked sixth in the nation for violent crimes(almost 57,000 violent crimes that year). While Mississippi ranked thirty fifth in the nation(8,691 violent crimes for the year).

It is obvious that Madame Governor spoke without knowing the facts; or could it be that like most other democrats she is talking out of both sides of her mouth. Take a look at this video on google videos where the same Governor who says she wants Michigan's people educated is telling them that in order to balance the budget she must cut school funding.

Can't build up one state by tearing down another

Any freshman business student will tell you that is a poor business practice to browbeat the competition while your own business is struggling to stay alive. This small reminder in business ethics would be a good policy for the Govern to adapt at a time when her state has been dealt a death blow by the collapse of the auto industry.

She might also want to step back and take some life lessons from Republican Governor Haley Barbour and his wife, who after hurricane Katrina came down to the Gulf Coast themselves and help administer relief aid to the suffering people of their state. Should she want to stay in her own party lines then this writer suggest she come to Mississippi and take a few pointers from congressman Gene Taylor a staunch advocate of the people of Mississippi who took on the big insurance companies after Katrina.

Governor Granholm's inexcusable behavior toward both the people of Mississippi and the people of Michigan shows that she lacks the professionalism it takes to Govern a state. Instead of coming up with a solution to her own states problems she chose instead to blame shift to one of the most giving states in the nation.

Michigan will never be the state that Mississippi is as long as it continues to elect inadequate leaders to oversee it. Nor will Michigan ever be a Mississippi for it lacks the heart and tenacity to weather the storms as Mississippi has done for well over three hundred years now and keep coming back. Lastly any state whose leaders are as cold as it's winters can never have the warmth and hospitality that Mississippi so graciously bestows on her people every day.


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    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      I'm sending you an email, Johnny.

    • Yard of nature profile image

      Yard of nature 8 years ago from Michigan

      Having visited Mississippi this past spring and having enjoyed it, I was struck by how much like Michigan it is. The gov's not a bad person and she means well, but our state is basically reeling from too many mistakes for too long by the Big 3 automakers. That led to lost customers, which led to less jobs and ultimately wholesale plant closings in the past years. Politicians ride the economic tiger more than steer it. Sometimes it's a good ride, sometimes it's not. Come on up and check out Michigan. You'd be surprised by how much you'd feel at home ... but, yes, it is colder.

    • Jeffrey Neal profile image

      Jeffrey Neal 8 years ago from Tennessee

      Ya' know, MS takes a lot of jabs, and most are unwarranted. It's just what all the cool kids want to do, I guess. I'm from MS and most of my family is still there, but I live in TN now. No sir, there is nothing wrong at all with MS and you're right about Gov Barbour being wiser.

    • profile image

      A Texan 8 years ago

      Isn't it strange all of these backward states like Mississippi,Texas seem to have thriving economies. Good hub and I think I'll become your first fan