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Michigan proposes bill requiring checks on homeschooled families after siblings found in freezer

Updated on April 18, 2015
13-year-old Stoni Blair and 8-year-old Stephen Berry
13-year-old Stoni Blair and 8-year-old Stephen Berry | Source

Michigan proposes a bill requiring checks on home-schooled families

A case that shocked the city of Detroit and the State of Michigan has sparked fire in the seats of Michigan officials who are not proposing a new bill that would require close monitoring of home-schooled households. The case was that of a Detroit mother whose two children, 13-year-old Stoni Blair and 8-year-old Stephen Berry were found inside of a freezer within their mother’s apartment. The freezer was found during a routine eviction, however, mommy was nowhere to be found when city officials came to execute the eviction. It was determined that the young children had been in the freezer for some two years, and that one of the mother’s living children were forced to help mommy stuff one of the siblings in the freezer.

What the proposed bill would require

With as gruesome as this case is, the proposed bill showcases nothing that would help alleviate the pain and suffering home-schooled children suffer, but the parents would be required to register their names and addresses. They would be required to meet with an official twice a use, these officials could be a police officer, clergy member, or other member of the community, and these meetings would require a record to show the meeting occurred and what happened during the meeting.

The casket of 13-year-old Stoni
The casket of 13-year-old Stoni | Source
The casket of 8-year-old Stephan
The casket of 8-year-old Stephan | Source

Why did two children have to be brutally murdered and frozen before the law changed?

It’s still unclear how well this new bill would work, especially within the city of Detroit that is well known for its crime, murder, and child abuse cases. What remains in the put of my stomach is why two children had to die before the State of Michigan decided to man up and do something about the growing problem not just in their state, but in states across the country. It’s still unclear how long the abuse in this particular case was going on, but these children were pulled from the Detroit Public Schooling system as appropriate by law, and the children were then home-schooled by their mother. Once the children began home-schooling, the neighbors virtually never saw them. Of course the question remains, why did no one notice the children were missing, especially the father’s and close family members.

Mom whose 2 kids were found in freezer has been charged with murder

Mommy responsible for killing her two children
Mommy responsible for killing her two children | Source

Homeschooling was used to cover up the abuse?

That question remains unanswered of course, but police believe the mother pulled the children out of school to use home-schooling as a cover up for the abuse she perpetrated against them. This has been seen in a number of cases where the parents feared the abuse would be unearthed if they were to send their children to public schooling, because teachers and school officials are mandated reporters. My question is this, if the bill had been put in place sooner, would these children still be alive? I honestly cannot answer this, but it seems that meetings twice a year would not prevent this type of abuse from happening, nor would it alleviate the amount of child related murders in our country.

© 2015 Amanda Seaton


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