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Middle East Under Siege

Updated on March 23, 2017

middle east


The Middle East comprises of Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, U.A.E. and Yemen. The region encompasses the three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa. It has been the center of the world political economic and religious movements and civilization since the dawn of humanity.

Revolutions of Centuries

There had been upheavals unsurpassed in the history of man. With the advent of each prophet there came a rebellion and revolution. People had been accepting and rejecting the new religious and social theories throughout the annals of time. It was fountain of all the civilizations of the world. Since the times unknown it had been in constant struggle to enlighten the humanity. The region had witnessed huge and cataclysmic alterations in the social political and religious systems.

On the advent of Islam in the 6th century it became the abode of the follower of the prophet of Islam. After a short span of time till the 9th century the Middle East was almost Muslim by faith. When the enlightened caliphate weakened the palace politics gained footing and the dynasties came into existence who ruled over the different parts of the region.

It had been the center of learning and knowledge at a time when the West was stumbling in the dark ages. The lights were absorbed and stolen by the western pupils from Spain, Constantinople and Baghdad. The decline occurred in the wake of weaknesses of the political system and politicians. The history repeated itself and the west occupied the region. Britain, France and Italy proved the major colonial powers. With the beginning of the 19th century and the modern concept of democracy and human rights the western powers receded and the countries of the Middle East were evacuated which was named as independence.

The history of the independence of different nations clearly reveals that there were some puppets that were rewarded to swing the cradles of the government after the conscious departure of the western powers .They were made the rulers of the region by the west. The western imperialism replaced the local one. The type of government were different in the states but with one common trait that all the governments were autocratic. There was military or civilian autocracy every where in the region. The political situation did not change and the same trend is going on up till now.

A Melancholic Atmosphere

There is a melancholic atmosphere all over the Middle East. The rulers and ruled ones are all astounded over the recent turmoil in the region. Arabs are wondering over the uprising, consecutively and continuously spreading in their territories. The media is focusing on the Arab politics and is depicting the rulers as despots and persecutors. The West is dating the developments from the Tunisian revolts of December 2010, with a pre-planned anachronism.

The western media that is mostly controlled by the Jews is backing the same ideology that Arab rulers are the worst on the face of the earth. They are presenting only one side of the picture completely ignoring the situation on the ground and the ground realities. The security council of the United Nations at once imposes the notorious sanctions on the government or offering the powers to intervene in the name of democracy and human rights. There is no difference between revolt and liberation struggles in the eyes of the west. The same old dichotomy is quite evident in the recent situation. The west is harping on the old strings of democracy and human rights. There is a clear smell of conspiracy in the coverage of media and the response of the west.

Why there are Rampant Rebellions in the Region?

1-Oil and Israel

Before the discovery of oil reserves the region was the hub of the religious conflicts. But afterwards the oil became a major factor in the politics of the region. Conflicts and wars have been the main trait of the region. Earlier there were skirmishes clashes and conflicts with the neighboring states or rival ones but the recent uprisings are different. All these are against the rulers. Name a country of the region and you would find a conflict.

2-Ghost ideas of democracy and human rights

From Algeria to Yemen there are agitations strikes and conflagrations throughout the region. Democratic election were held in Algeria and won by the Islamic front, military intervened and still ruling the democracy with the help of West. Bahrain, which is a small state feared revolution in the wake of Iraq- American war. It was obliged to introduce some reforms. These reforms are still going on; Egypt is under siege since the days long. It is the major character and main ally of Israel and America in the region. It has been watching revolution since the days of Jamaal Abdel Nasser., Iran was the friend of America and the west in the days of king but democratic revolution in the country under Khomeini made it the number one enemy of the west, due to democracy or Islamic revolution? The west can answer it only. Iraqis have seen many calamities some times under stooge of the west and sometimes direct involvement of the west. Israel is the only state that is loved pampered, cajoled and coaxed by the west. All the changes in the region are made to make this state powerful and invincible. Jordan has seen the uprising quite after the death of King Hussein and at present there are some conflicts in the country. Kuwait was made a cat’s paw to attack Iraq. Lebanon is also hot bed of dirty politics. The state is used by the west and the Israel to ignite the fire for new attacks and policy change. Libya has been attacked many times by Israel with the consent of the west and America only for the reason that it was follower of communism or socialism. UAE Qatar, Morocco and Oman are nominal states. Palestine is a toy in the hands of the west and Israel. Saudi Arabia is also facing serious threats from within and from without. Palace conspiracies are always there for getting the throne and often backed by the west and America. Sudan is on the verge of Divisions after referendum. More over it is facing the severest of the sanctions imposed by the west and America. Tunisia has recently uprooted the dictatorship but a new form of autocracy in the form of military has usurped the powers. Turkey is trying its best to be included in the European Union by introducing all kind of reforms but still waiting for its status. Yemen has been attacked on the doubt that it is the abode of the obnoxious AL-Qaeda and its allies.

3- Physical Involvement of the foreign agencies and forces

Iran- Iraq war, Israel- Arab wars, Iraq under US attack, Lebanon conflicts, Yemen under American attack, Libyan atomic reactors destruction are a few examples of the presence of Western forces and agencies in the region. The foreign nations have always playing politics with the Arabs. They have chalked out such policies as would benefit the Israelis. The axes of their diplomatic efforts have been the defense of the Jews. All other nations of the regions have been betrayed by the west and America. The staunchest allies of America are now finding shelter any where else as they have become useless for her. Tunisian president fled from his country and the Egyptian one has sacked his government. Libya is set ablaze by the rival factions.

4-The states under siege

The situation of Iran Iraq, Kuwait, and Palestine, Lebanon was volatile already. The few states that were living peacefully have been put to fire by the protesters. Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Oman Yemen are currently burning in the fire of rebellion. And this uprising has become epidemic. Like a contagious disease it is spreading all along the region. The days are not far when the whole region would be under conflagration by the protesters with or without any solid reason.

5-Despots are not to be taken for granted

There is a disorder in Tunisia and Egypt. People are chanting slogans with full throat against the regimes which did not allow them to open their mouths. They were allowed to see through the eyes of the government listen through its ears and think with the official minds. Such condition may prevail only for a limited time but the Arab autocrats have predestined their rule forever. There is one probability of such unlimited rule if the people are prosperous and free of all the financial worries. In the beginning the despotic rulers gave some thing to the people but with the passage of time they became close-fisted. They supposed it their birth right to exhort money from the public along with the republic. They forget that they are the rulers for some period of time. They thought themselves the master of the destinies of the people and the country. Nemesis never forgets anything. The times remember each and every moment. That is why the Arab regimes are in hot waters now a day. The old and senile rulers are not letting the young generation to come forward and control the helms of the affairs of the states. The Middle East region has always been a play ground for the players of the vested interest due to the bounties of minerals and especially black gold. It is one aspect of the tribulations.

6-Vested Interests

All the countries of the region are wealthy and rich due to the reserves of crude oil. After 1973 the west felt that oil resources should be under their control and they did it. The Arab nationalism was awakened to alienate the Arabs from other Muslim movements and struggles at that time. More than the fiscal benefits there are involved the political interest of the west in the region due to presence of Israel there. Would this bring an economic betterment in the countries? People of all the states are lacking the very basic necessities of life. The prolonged rule of the dictators with the connivance of the west and America has made them corrupt. Europeans are not interested in the life and property of the Arabs but are worrying about their investments in the region.

7-The change of minds and opinion of youth studying in the west

The western countries have been giving concessional admission to the Arab students especially from the wealthy states. They have prepared them for the changes as they knew well that change of mind is everything. Prior to this educated class they had no or meager support for western ideas. Now the have enough sympathy and support both in cash and kind for the proliferation of their ideas. The Arab youth with effluence of wealth have accepted the easy going life of the west and want the same in their states too.

8- Think Tanks and Universities

Think tanks and universities of the west and America have played a crucial role in change of policy and ideas in the Middle East. The think tanks have made researches about the change of minds of the Arabs by promoting the ideas of western democracies in the region. They are reaping the fruits of their hard work in the shape of upheavals and revolutions.

9-The puppets working for the agencies

The fond of western ideas and democracy are working for the countries who are much interested in changing the shape of the Middle East.

10-The Military

Military are a strange phenomenon on the face of the earth. They save a nation from dying but can not save it from falling ill. They can not accept the hegemony of the common people of their states. This is especially true to the armies of the Middle East. They are organised institutions well trained as compared to the slacking royal princes. They easily win the palace with the help of the west. The Arab armies are doing the same job now. The Libyan army was against the west and bearing the bad consequences of their loyalty. Iraq did not bow down and the military was humiliated. Other military dictators are abetting the west and are supported by the west.

The Present is Indefinite in the Middle East

11-Religious and ethnic oppositions

There is another factor badly affecting the situation and that is religious one. The animosity of Jews and Muslims aside there is a strong antipathy between Sunnis and Shia in the region. Some other religious communities also betray their countries and results in the weakness of the institutions and mutual relations.

12-Crusades of the west

Presidents George bush’s Freudian slip about the modern crusade is also a factor in the deterioration of the states and governments of the region.

13- Biased western propaganda about autocracies

Western media is not lagging behind in the race of this mischievous propaganda against the Arab autocracies. The golden rules and ethics of journalism are just for the enhancement of self interests not to be followed. They are using every kind of propaganda to show that Arab autocrats are the worst opponents of democracies. Al the same media rejects the results of the fair elections saying them against the democracy if it is held in Algeria and won by the Islamic front!


The causes behind the upheavals and their effect on the future politics in the region are not quite concealed from the seeing eyes. The oil rich states are being set ablaze for political gains, by the foreign agencies, domestic pressure groups and many vested interests which want hegemony in the region after the revolutions. They are fishing in troubled waters without feeling any qualms of conscience. The recent crises in the Middle East are going to prove harbinger of bigger changes not only in the region but also all over the world.


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