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Military Vets for President Trump

Updated on September 9, 2020

Idiots for Trump?

Like many vets, we voted for Trump in 2016 for a wide variety of reasons but mostly because of Hillary Clinton.Trump was the unknown then and had appeal. He was full of bravado, a big man that has a lot of moxy in taking on anyone. Similar to a Rocky Balboa in the Stallone movies. Military men and women like that in a leader. Trump likened himself to a General Patton from WW2, a tough son of a bitch. Patton was not well liked in the high command, kinda like a renegade commander that his superiors tolerated. His personality was gruff and just naturally offensive much of the time. He died a lonely old soldier.

Today, Trump obviously emulates the Patton and other strong leaders like Putin. He truly would like to be America's first autocrat dictator or at least run for three terms, as he has threatened. But, why do many vets (and those similar in bravado) still support him despite the proof Trump thinks they are pathetic?

Trump avoided the draft in his college years with a bone spur. We all know that is not generally sufficient to avoid the draft back in the 1960's. So, obviously, he had zero patriotic desire then to go fight in Vietnam. His father used his connections to get a deferment because he was a rich kid.

Trump has consistently been critical of the Bush years when the USA became involved in the Iraq war of the 1990's and 2000's. He had never supported the military as a civilian except when platitudes served him a purpose.

Trump was critical of the military during the Obama years and thought they should just leave Iraq. Since 2016, Trump has threatened NATO. While forcing European countries to pay their fair share was good, it weakened the alliance against Russia, which left Putin smiling nicely. When Russian convoys in Iraq recently rammed American assets, Trump said nothing. When Putin placed bounties on American soldiers in Iraq, Trump did nothing. Trump then goes on to call his generals cowards and pussies, fires an ongoing number of military officials, including Mattis and Kelly, generals Trump admired, because they did not agree with Trump on the advice given!

While the destruction of ISIS happened during the Trump years, some of it cannot be attributed to Trump per se. There were many NATO actors and events where their impact also contributed to the collapse of ISIS. Now, Trump is reducing troop levels even further in Iraq, leaving it entirely to Russia and Turkey to sort out. This is a stupid strategy. Trump is only doing this to get re-elected. But these actions only hurt the American military standing in the world. The world leaders know the Modis Operandi of Trump's bluster and tough talk. They know a bully backs down when in a face-off. They know Trump's weakness is money and the deal that goes with it. None of that is good for America.

So, American military vets and others, that are fervent supporters of Trump are being conned via the bravado and tough Patton-like persona of him. Sure, Trump has built of the military, that's a good thing, the one good thing he did.

Vets should ask themselves, would Trump be willing to sacrifice his life or limb for a E-3 on a battlefield? Does he really understand what combat does to a person? At least Joe Biden had a son going to Iraq. Did you see any Trump kids enlisting?

Vets, don't be conned by Trump's persona- it's all about "me, myself, and I".


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