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Milton, Mass home rigged with explosive device set to go off with a flick of a light switch?

Updated on March 27, 2015

So imagine you go home; you walk through the door, you turn on the light and an explosion goes off in your home because someone deranged individual planted an explosive device in your home that works off of a light switch. Luckily for one Milton, Mass homeowner came across the device on Tuesday along with an electrician and called the police before it had the opportunity to ignite. The Boston, Mass bomb squad was brought into the home on Tuesday afternoon and was able to successfully disarm the device, leaving no one hurt and a home intact.



Authorities state that the home was in fact vacant at the time the homeowner and the electrician located the explosive device, but the home was about to go up for sale after the prior tenets moved out a few days prior. The current homeowner, Lindell Williams stated that they had found the explosive device in a bedroom closet on the second floor of the home.

How did the device work?

Milton Police Chief, Richard Wells, explained that the device was strategically placed through-out the home, and was rigged to go off if a light switch was flipped, making note that the light switch at the end of the wire would have to be switched for the device to explode. When the device was found, it was found in a container that was a gallon in size and hidden behind a portion of the closet wall that had been recently plastered over.

Do you think the prior tenants are responsible for the device?

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Whose responsible for the placement of the device?

The current homeowner, Williams believes that the former tenants the recently moved out may be to blame for the device placement, as they were also suspected of pouring concrete down the drains of the home. Whether the homeowners suspicions are on target or not is a different story, but police admitted that they had been called to the home in the past for reports of vandalism of the property. As the investigation continues for this case, police are not clear on the motive or are they sure of any suspects in the case, so no arrests have been made.

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