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Mini Clubs of Bangalore - F & F - Private.

Updated on February 20, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Cards Room
Cards Room | Source
Shuttle cock court
Shuttle cock court | Source
Reading Room & TV
Reading Room & TV | Source

Clubs in Bangalore.

Clubs & Resorts.

Bangalore Club,Bowring Institute & Century Club - There is no way any body can walk in to any of these 3 famous Clubs in Bangalore.

There are other clubs in each extension with reasonable membership fee that those can afford to pay.There are other clubs where hefty admission fee is to be paid.There are also clubs which take members from the back door.

Next to good old clubs Resorts are the place where all sorts of enjoyment and 5 star comforts are provided and they are in rural areas where only the filthy rich,corporate big wigs and politicians lodge for months and spend lakhs of Rs. from their money which may be white or black.Politicians park here for months and they do not pay.Who so ever pays them only few people can get the information.

These are clubs and resorts that any ordinary person cannot afford.How will he enjoy his club life.

What I saw:-

As I was walking on the foot path that was available I noticed a sign ' Type Writer for Sale ' a print out taken from a PC.My curiosity made me climb up a stair case as shown in the sign board.I wanted a type writer to write what ever that had happened in my life like those few who made money by writing their life's episode.I never wanted nor could I make money but just so that I do not leave only my picture but my life's history.This of course was prior to my blog that I adopted after seeing others blog.

As I steped on the last stair case I saw few people including few lady's sitting around a big table may be about 12 couples perhaps.they looked at me and banged a bell like the ones that ring when wound like a old alaram clock.

A man with a shirt and dhoti came to me and asked what I wanted.I told him about the type writer for sale sign down stairs,oh that came in he said and took me inside the house and to a small room where they were making snacks like bonda,bajji,pakoda and chips.In one corner I saw a table on which the type writer was kept.It was Godrej Model PRIME 21 which was the type writer that I saw on the foot path where Typing Job Work was done and from this place I had few documents typed,that was prior to my going on PC.

I asked for the price and after bargaining I got it for Rs.3000/-.It was heavy and I told him to send it to my home by his servant in a Auto and I would pay for it.He agreed and on my way back,him following I asked him how so many people were playing cards in the house.He told me that it was a Family Gathering and if I wanted I can also join with my wife.I told him I would tell my wife and get back to him.

I came home and told my wife and that was the End of this story.

On my evening walk I saw 3 such family clubs in our area. This Club Business is very easy and is money making provided you rope in local police.I do not wish that such clubs get any members from any family as their activities are unknown.


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