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Minimum Rock Bottom for an American Citizen

Updated on July 31, 2009

Minimum bottom for an American

What is the absolute minimum bottom we should allow any American citizen to go to?

Should an American citizen ever be homeless? In the wealthiest nation in the world, should we ever have to take a homeless person from a hospital bed after treatment and have an ambulance drop them off into the cold streets?

What is the bottom? Should we as the wealthiest nation on earth allow an American citizen with a mental illness to be locked away in a jail with criminals? Can you for just one moment imagine the mental anguish that poor soul has to endure on a daily basis?

Should we really be locking up for long term prison sentences a portion of our society that has been caught using illegal drugs when all they are trying to do is self medicate because they live a painful existence of extreme poverty, and do not have access to the proper mental and or physical health care that the wealthier are privileged to have?

Can we really sit back and allow certain races to self destruct, all the while attempting to argue that every citizen has equal opportunity to achieve greatness? Have we really taken a brief moment and tried to imagine what it’s like, and how hopeless some young American citizens may feel that have had to grow up under extremely tough existences with bad parenting, little or no family support, and some of the worst role models they could possibly have?

True there are those that somehow are able to break through and climb some of even the highest ladders, but they are few and far between. I think that as Americans we have got to start seeing that it’s not always black and white. Every circumstance and individual is different. I believe that as the wealthiest nation on earth, that at a minimum no American should ever be allowed to sleep one night without a roof over their head, and a warm blanket. I believe never under any circumstance should any American citizen not have full access to good health care, and a home to return to after treatment.

I believe that there should be a minimum bottom for any American citizen. Even if you don’t believe in socialism, at the very least all Americans must believe in compassion, and absolutely learn to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before they judge someone on how they got to where they are in their life, and try to remember that the bottom they set for others, may be the very bottom they or their children must also endure one day.

It’s easy when your life is good, and things are going well for you to ignore the less fortunate, or assume that they can do better if they would just try, but remember, God has a wild sense of humor, and your entire lifestyle, mental facilities, and physical well being can turn on a dime.


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    • Things Considered profile image

      Things Considered 

      9 years ago from North Georgia Foothills

      Another good one, mrbrent!

    • MindField profile image


      9 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      You are a mensch, sir, and I'm delighted to have found you. Everything you say here should be added to the top of the Bill of Rights.


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