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Minimum Wage Workers Are a Threat to America

Updated on February 22, 2013

Minimum wage workers need to go on our terrorist watch list. Their recent demand for a raise in the minimum wage threatens our national security. A raise in the minimum wage is an attack on job creators, and an attack on job creators is an attack on all of us.

A higher minimum wage would reduce the desperation workers feel and take away a worker’s incentive to keep dangerous, backbreaking jobs to avoid becoming homeless. A higher minimum wage would make it more likely workers would reject overtime and stick to a forty-hour work week. Workers exist for only one thing, working. Raising the minimum wage would interfere with God's plan.

Some workers say that raising the minimum wage would help them. Yes, it would help them be more dependent on handouts. Raising the minimum wage would place people above the poverty level, and thus reduce their incentive to work. That would be a disaster for job creators.

Small businesses are the real job creators in America even though 52% of all small business are “Home-based businesses” and are unlikely to employ anyone but themselves. In fact, in 2010 about 23 million small businesses did NOT employ anyone, while 18 million did hire non-family workers. And the lack of hiring was really President Obama’s fault.

Many great Americans have come out against the minimum wage. Four of the greatest are former Republican presidential candidates.

Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, a minimum wage employer, is against paying workers too much. You see, minimum wage, he argues, will keep young people from obtaining their first job.

Rick Perry is against the minimum wage because it would prevent Texas from having a fully employed work force barely able to pay rent or feed their children. Perry blames the commerce clause of the Constitution for the minimum wage. Therefore, we must abolish the Constitution. No one should be allowed to regulate commerce at all, let alone enforce a minimum wage. If only Texas could bring back slavery, all would be well.

Ron Paul, Libertarian God, is also against the minimum wage. Paul says that getting rid of the minimum wage would “help poor people.” True. It always benefits people when they are paid less. Only an idiot would think making more money would benefit the poor.

Michelle Bachman also supports the elimination of the minimum wage. “"If we took away the minimum wage -- if conceivably it was gone -- we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level." If we could pay people whatever we wanted, I am sure corporations would fairly compensate workers. And while we’re at it, bring back child labor.

Raising the minimum wage is selfish. There are 8 million workers who make the minimum wage or less, and they shouldn’t be abusing the job creators by asking for a wage to keep them out of poverty. Eliminating the minimum wage is good for people. When you don’t know what wages you might get from job to job, you work harder. We need to stop coddling workers with non-starvation wages.

At least the minimum wage has lagged behind inflation and is far behind the increase in compensation CEOs have earned. Obama talked about $9 per hour, not a wage needed to keep up with inflation. “The real value of the minimum wage peaked in 1968. Had it kept pace with rising living costs, the minimum wage would exceed $10.50 per hour today.” In the meantime, CEOs salaries have gone up exponentially in the United States because we are the greatest nation in the world.

All looks rosy for the job creators, but danger is on the horizon. A cabal of jihadist economists are pushing for an increase in the minimum wage. “A group of prominent liberal-leaning economists including Joseph Stiglitz, Jeffrey Sachs, Laura Tyson, and Robert Reich sent a letter Monday to congressional leaders urging them to raise the minimum wage from its current level of $7.25 per hour to $9.80 by 2014. "At a time when persistent high unemployment is putting enormous downward pressure on wages, such a minimum wage increase would provide a much-needed boost to the earnings of low-wage workers," the group wrote.” We should not be swayed. We must continue to ignore the voices of economists when making economic decisions.

The fact that the minimum wage hasn’t kept up with inflation keeps our poor workers competitive with workers around the world. And we should continue to strive to have working conditions and wages commensurate with workers in the poorest nations. By keeping the minimum wage low, our workers can compete with workers who have no health care, no pension, no days off, no workers compensation, work 60 plus hour weeks, live in shacks without running water, and live and die for the factory. Only by emulating low wage conditions around that world can our workers stay strong. A raise in the minimum wage would only make U.S. workers weak.

Tex Shelters


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    • forbcrin profile image

      Crin Forbes 4 years ago from Michigan

      Yes they are. They are as much a threat as is anyone who tries to make a decent and honest living in America these days...

      I wonder if America is ever going to be free of "threats"???