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Minnesota Auto Shop Giving Meth as a Bonus Incentive

Updated on May 2, 2016

Now everyone enjoys getting a bonus for a job well done at work, a nice robe for Christmas, maybe a 25-dollar gift certificate to chipotle, or ya know…..Meth.

Now short of your boss being Walter White this would fall outside the box of normal ways to be paid for a hard days work. However, its exactly how some employees at Clear Choice Auto Body Repair in Minnesota were being paid.

This was brought to light when one of the companies six employees reported that they were being paid in baggies of meth worth around $40-$200.

Well this is ridiculous now what kind of boss could possibly be giving….

Ahhhh wow yea no….that…that is exactly the kind of guy, basically just a caricature where the description was …..“Meth Guy”.

That’s Jesse Seifert, the Owner of Clear Choice who was arrested with his girlfriend Nancy Loehlein, who supposedly physically dealt the bonuses. This occured Thursday April 23, after a team of Minnesota Drug Task Force Agents found syringes and precision scale equipment containing traces of methamphetamine.

This sadly forms and even stronger connection between meth and people named Jesse.

So while its not an exact Science, it’s a pretty good bet that if you name your child Jesse…..they will likely become a drug kingpin. So maybe go with something a little safer, you never really hear anyone say hey I gota go pick up some meth from like.....Dylan.

Really though that’s neither here nor there, the moral of the story is that when you’re running your own small business someday; remember that while gift cards may seem like a cop out gift they also wont have you doing 10-15 years hard time with a bunkmate named Roach.

-Sean Hill

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