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Minnesota Musing: Mass Shootings, Gun, Violence and Bullets

Updated on February 27, 2018

Mass Shootings

My condolences to all the families that are mourning loved ones that have been killed in all the killings.

The only thing that stands out in the news, is the people uniting to fight back against the people who are out of control with mental health issues and irregular gun use.


Guns are a tool. They are used to target practice. Hunt food. When they are used for killing people, there is a definite social problem occurring.

Senseless gun violence is becoming a more publicized crime than ever.


Without a bullet, a gun will not kill anything. Unless it's got a knife on the front and used like a sword. Or, used as a club.

Bullets. It's the bullets that do the killing.


For a while, in Minnesota, because there were so many people becoming hoarders and purchasing .22 caliber shells to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse, it became increasingly more difficult to purchase shells. Often times, you'd go to buy shells and the gun guy would inform you that the truck had come in, and within an hour, the bullets were sold out.

When I was musing about the fact that the shooter in Florida was a 19 year old and he'd been in some sort of sharp shooter club, I thought about the fact that at one point, he was trusted to carry a rifle. Trust. Trust is a biggie when it comes to guns.

Back to the bullets. Let's consider a what if situation. What if people were allowed to have whatever guns they liked to collect. They were allowed to collect cool old guns or cool new guns.

What would happen if people were required to register their bullets. Fill out a form. License the bullets. Explain what they intended to use the bullets for. In a case of a shooting, if there was no registration for the those bullets, perhaps there should be an automatic penalty for non-registration.

Plus, as people register their bullets, they'd be on a watch list. A watch list of people who currently own bullets.

Someone pointed out that there are some people who already own a lot of bullets and would just give bullets to another person for shooting someone. Well, if the bullets that they were using, were not registered to the shooter, then, there would be automatic trouble for the shooter. A ticket. A fine. Perhaps, shall we say it, the death sentence.

Entertainment and Guns

For a long time, the entertainment industry has made a lot of money glorifying bad guys and good guys and guns.

There have been countless gun fights in Westerns. There are a lot of action adventure films that you can watch that contain scenes where people are battling it out with high impact guns, often with machines and multiple bullets.

We love to watch those shows. Guns are a part of our entertainment. But, we always forget one thing. They are not using bullets in those films. They are either using blanks, or special outfits that are probably radio controlled to explode.

We were watching a film the other night. There were a lot of guys with rifles, pistols, a couple Gatlin guns and a bunch of powder kegs that were ready to blow up. We were ready for someone to blow the place up. It was fun to watch.

But, again, nobody got hurt because it was all pretend.

Pretend Guns and Death

How many of us played cowboys and indians when we were kids. How many of us liked cap guns. How many of us had firecrackers when we were growing up. How many of us like the sharp banging noise of the gun?

Well, how many of us have watched people get shot in movies and thought nothing of someone laying there hurt with a gun shot wound. In the movies, no one calls 911 and gets an ambulance.

Nope. If someone gets hurt or killed in a movie, we just shrug it off and realize that they won't be in gun movie number two. But, we'll probably see them in another movie eventually, because, remember, they are not dead.

Guns Are Not the Issue

It's easy enough to make a gun.

You don't even need bullets. You can build a gun that shoots something organic. There are potato guns. Potato guns use a potato for their bullet. I suppose you could use two potatoes and some rocks and really cause some damage.

A little PVC pipe. An igniter from a gas grill. Some bug spray. A potato. Compression and spark.

Then, you shoot at a target in a field.

A stupid person would shoot at another human being, or a group of people.

A very stupid person.


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