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Minnesota Opinion: The Upcoming Presidential Election

Updated on October 20, 2016


The two candidates that are currently getting the most attention are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

As we watch the news, which is how we get our information about these people, we are struck by the similarities and differences between the two candidates. All of their individual quirks and quarks are grating to watch.

The questions in our minds and the personal ping pong game that is occurring is astounding. What if Donald Trump becomes president? What if Hillary Clinton becomes president?

Our Current Situtation

Over the past eight years, there have been a lot of changes. In 2008, the housing market took a dive and many people lost their homes since their finances. The banks received bailouts, but even so, their bank officials seemed to make a lot of money.

The stock market dropped, but regained immensely. If you had money in a 401 K through all of this, you watched your total money drop by a third, but then, came back to multiply by five times what it originally was.

Some people who did not have any savings or investments through this time, did not notice all the bear activity in the markets. Gas prices went up above $4 a gallon and then, dropped to around half of that currently.

A Comparison of 1976 to 2016

If you compare postage rates from now to 40 years ago, the postage is 4 times what it cost in 1986. Cars cost $50,000 instead of $10,000. A gallon of milk was $1.25 a gallon, now $4.25.

But, there are good changes. We used to have house phones. Now practically everyone carries a smart phone and thinks nothing of communicating with each other on a regular basis. We have come a long way from the days of picking up the house phone and hearing our neighbor talking on the phone.

The computers have changed. The computer that used to occupy an entire room can now be held in your hand.

A Candy Bar

I can still remember being a 15 year old and buying the Marathon Candy bar one summer. It was advertised by its company as being a twelve inch bar that lasted a good long time.

Yes. It was a chocolate covered caramel bar. It looked like a braided rope. During the summer that I was purchasing them, the price was twenty-five cents. They started out being a foot long, then, as the summer progressed, the length dropped to six inches.

Still a quarter to purchase.

So. As a consumer, we are very accustomed to our products being reduced and the price seemingly to stay the same, but, in all reality, the price has doubled.


If you took all the positive qualities of the two candidates and merged them into one person, you would probably end up with a good president.

If you had both candidates elected and they were forced to manage the country together, it would be like watching a married couple in action. There would be many, forceful discussions. Loud discussions. We'd all be hiding in our rooms listening to them argue.

Would a double presidency work? I doubt it. But, isn't that an interesting thought to muse about?


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