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Misery of Rohingya Muslims

Updated on September 14, 2017

Myanmar (formerly Burma) a Southeast Asian country of more than 100 ethnic groups, bordering India, Bangladesh. China, Laos and Thailand. From last few years a minority of Rohingya Muslims who are being brutally killed, raped and humiliated in the hands of so called peace loving Buddhists clerics in the western part of Burma, resultantly more than 160,000 Muslims fled to Bangladesh and other parts of the world as refugees. Unfortunately, Bangladesh is unwilling to welcome their fellow Muslims with open arms this is such a pity and irony on the part of Bangladesh government's attitude.

Throughout the world when atrocities, violence and massacre carry out against Muslims i.e. Palestine, Indian Occupied Kashmir, Iraq, Syria and now Myanmar etc, the international community consisting of many major powers do not bother to act in a positive manner whatsoever. Hundreds of thousands innocent men, women and children (Muslims) have been killed, injured and displaced permanently as a result of negligence by those world preachers of peace and human rights.

This premeditated mass murder of innocents and the silence of the concerning government and rest of the world is nothing but a shameful act. Every country on the face of the earth more or less is responsible for this massacre of Rohingya Muslims by the Buddhists community.

The so called peace loving first ever State Counsellor of Myanmar and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1991, Aung San Suu Kyi is showing a deadly silence in condemning the genocide of Rohingya Muslims. One cannot comprehend why is Kyi being such an irresponsible and cruel hearted, however you can safely assume that she could be the accomplice to the culprits. International community whether Muslims/Non-Muslims should request the Nobel prize committee to deprive Kyi of her Peace Prize with immediate effect, as the peace prize is conferred to those personalities who keep the soft heart for humanity regardless of their religion and region.

The bias against the Muslims around the world should now better be stopped and condemned globally, such treatment of people on the basis of their religion should not sustain any further. Major powers of the world should abstain from patronizing any specific religion, state and/or their agendas if they wish to bring peace and prosperity for our future generations.

Let us all as a human and for the sake of humanity join our hands to condemn killings, rapes, tortures and any such inhumane behavior towards Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, wherever there are cruelty and mishandling of humans we should raise our voice in a hope that this may bring a positive and long lasting change.


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