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Missouri Criminal Records - Get Arrest, Court and Public Dockets Online for Free

Updated on May 8, 2011

Missouri Criminal Records - Arrest, Court and Public Records for Free Online

Here you will find how to get Missouri criminal records, arrest, court and public records for free online. You won't have to pay any type of fees for services when you utilize the free search feature found on the Missouri state's website. So why would you be nosy and want to conduct a background check on someone? Well for starters, it's always a good idea to check out neighbors, new friends or even a new love interest in your life. Let's face it - people lie and some people can lie very well. Do you honestly think that people will spill about their troubled pasts or criminal records? If someone has a past conviction record of criminal charges then it's best to know these sort of things to protect yourself and loved ones and if you are from Missouri, you can safely do it online from home absolutely free.

Get Criminal, Arrest, Court and Public Records through the State of Missouri

Missouri Criminal Records Free Online Search - The Website & Types of Dockets

The website for free Missouri Criminal records online is titled "Your Missouri Courts." You can visit the site by clicking here. That site is actually run by the state of Missouri. As stated in the introduction, you can find Missouri criminal records, arrest records, court records and even general public records through that free service provided by the state. What are the differences between each type of state record? Missouri criminal records are convictions. That is, a judge, jury or both determined that the individual was guilty. Missouri arrest records are much different than criminal records. Arrest records are just court dockets that an individual was arrested. It does not mean that he or she was convicted - just arrested and charged for some sort of crime. If you find an arrest record for someone then you will need to do further docket searches to determine if the individual was convicted or not. Missouri court records are documentations that display court information such as hearing dates, when an attorney enters an appearance for a client and the types of charges that were fiiled. Missouri public records are summaries on specific cases. They are seen as overviews.

A Judge, Jury or Both in Missouri Determines If There is Enough Evidence to Convict Someone With a Criminal Record

Getting Missouri Criminal, Arrest, and Other Types of Records Easily

The easiest way to use that site is to click on "litigant name search" at the top of the page. Fill in the input fields - last name and first name. You do not need to fill any of the other areas in. Notice the drop down menu that states "Search for cases in:"? You can leave that alone as well; however, if you want to search for specific courts in Missouri then you can choose the type that you want. When you are done, click "find." If there is any results on the individual that you are searching, information will be displayed in rows. You'll need to click on the case number located to the left hand side to view to docket. The number will be in blue, as a hyperlink.


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