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Missouri Law Felonies for Children

Updated on December 25, 2016

Hazelwood School district: The law states students who are caught fighting in school, bus, or on school grounds may possibly receive a felony charge (NO MATTER THE AGE OR GRADE LEVEL) if the assault is witnessed by school resources officers, school, officers and police. The state law also includes possible felony charges for harassment as well. This means children can be sent to juvenile detention center and face up to 4 years in jail. This new measure will effect all students regardless of their age or educational level.

If the school district is concerned about physical assault or alterations amongst students then the responsible action would be to invest in conflict management and anger management training. What is the role and mission of school counselors with identifying issues pertaining to students that appear to be repeat offenders? Could it be the propensity to act out violence is a duplicate of some type of behavior witnessed or practiced in the home? Has the child been bullied and possibly choose to defend themselves against someone constantly bullying them? The bottom line is that fighting is a behavioral problem, and locking a CHILD up and giving felonies to children that will scare them for the rest of their life is WRONG.


School to prison pipeline tactics continue. Can you imagine if every child that had a school fight were given felonies? What sense does not make to attempt to address school fights among CHILDREN. Yes, let up remember this is a law targeting children.

The idea of incarceration at an early age does not work. Early incarceration and detention increases the likelihood of future incarceration.

Huffington Post Reported:

A 2015 study from the UCLA Center for Civil Rights Remedies found that at the elementary school level, Missouri had the largest gap in the country between the percentage of white and black students who get suspended.

Let's list the effects of having a felony on your record:

1.Limited job opportunities due to biased when hiring practiced by corporations.

2.Lose the right to vote or run for political office.

3.Lose the ability with some felony convictions to obtain admission to colleges or obtain funding via grants and loans to pursue your education.

4.Limited to no ability to posses fire arms.


I wonder what team is responsible for passing this measure? In November of 2016 private prison stocks surged in record numbers now laws such as the ability to jail CHILDREN and issued felonies for fighting or aggression which will cause more harm than good.

This makes no sense for a civilized society to believe that this is the appropriate way to handle the issue of fighting in a school setting. First knowledge of army conducting secret chemical testing targeting impoverished areas in the 1950's according to Business Insider. Now children can be locked up as of January 1, 2017 - This must stop!


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