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"Mistakes Were Made" by Calvin Trillin

Updated on January 16, 2013

"Mistakes Were Made," a Bush Cheer


By Calvin Trillin in "The Nation" April 9, 2007

(A Bush Administration cheer that is adaptable for conditions at Walter Reed, the firings of US Attorneys or four years of war in Iraq)

Mistakes were made, mistakes were made.

The care of our wounded received a bad grade.

The press said our soldiers were grossly betrayed.

It wasn't as bad as they claim.

Mistakes were made, mistakes were made.

While purging some US Attorneys if they'd

Not done what our party politicos bade.

But no one we know was to blame.

Mistakes were made, mistakes were made.

And three thousand two hundred people have paid

The ultimate price for a hand not well played.

Our policy's more of the same.


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