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Mitch McConnell Comes out Against Coming out and in Favor of Secret Influence Peddling

Updated on June 26, 2012
Congress Sold
Congress Sold | Source

Federal campaign disclosure laws are written to help the electorate follow the trail of money to see who has influence over voting decisions in Congress. Republican Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell calls disclosure laws unconstitutional, for he doesn’t want Americans to see where his money is coming from.

Mitch McConnell wants us to believe that money is free speech, and he thinks revealing who gives money and to whom is banning free speech. If you believe that, then you will believe that supporting ultra-sounds for imaging pregnancies means we want to ban births and turning on the lights when you enter a dark room means you want to ban furniture. If a corporation is willing to give millions to a PAC that supports their causes and candidates, disclosure should be no problem. However, corporations, wealthy individuals and industries don’t want consumers to see the influence they are buying through donations, and thus they want to keep their contributions to remain secret.

For McConnell, “Amending the First Amendment for the first time in American history is an act of radicalism.” According to Republicans, disclosure IS amending the Constitution, and people never censor speech in America unless you consider obscenity laws, sedition laws, and the Patriot Act. Only in the fantasies of conservatives is disclosure a ban on speech.

The main reason Republicans are against disclosure laws is they are far out spending and out fundraising Democrats, and it looks bad if their donors are outed.

Republican-allied organizations outspent Democratic-allied groups $37 million to $11 million this year through the beginning of June. Most of the ads are used to attack President Obama. In the Senate, Republicans have spent $30 million to $11 million for Democrats in key races.

The Supreme Court Citizens United decision led undisclosed conservative donors to outspend liberal donors in 2010 election by $100 million. “Moreover, undisclosed spending by conservative groups exceeded liberal ones $119.6 million to $15.7 million."

Looking at the spending dominance by Republican leaning PACs and groups, it’s not surprising that Republicans are fighting disclosure laws.

One of the tactics conservatives use to defend outrageous campaign donations by corporations is the false equivalency of corporate and labor donations. The facts don't support this fabrication.

In 2010, businesses gave $1,182,583,052 in donations. Labor donated $52,484,643. Business gave $1,130,098,409 more than labor. But Republicans and conservatives pretend labor donations are the same thing as corporate donations.

Businesses depend on consumers to exist, and they depend on the good will of the people. If Americans knew how much influence corporations had in determining who runs our government, Republican support could drop further under a wave of protests and boycotts of Republican donors by angry Americans. Thus, they want to keep the donations secret.

Tex Shelters


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    • Joseph G Caldwell profile image

      Joseph G Caldwell 

      6 years ago from southwest Pennsylvania

      Excellent hub. McConnell and his teapublican faux Constitutionalists need to be exposed as the hazardous hypocrites they are.

    • Chris Dane profile image

      Chris Dane 

      6 years ago from Maryland, USA

      An impressive and timely article. Very well done.


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