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Mitt Romney-Predicting The Future

Updated on September 13, 2012

The future is a chaotic system, but if we cut through the chaos, we could predict what will happen if Mitt Romney is elected President.

A few days ago, Mitt Romney was nominated by the Republican party, as the Republican candidate for President, and Paul Ryan was chosen as the vice-presidential candidate. Although Obama is popular with a large segment of the population, we cannot rule out the possibility that Romney will win the election, and he'll be our next President. I'd like to predict what will happen if Romney is elected President. Let me look into my crystal ball, and make my predictions about Romney, the President of the U.S.A.

I believe that Romney will become the most repressive and unpopular President of all time. There is no doubt in my mind that Romney will take freedom and liberty away from millions of Americans. President Romney will probably declare some kind of an emergency, and he will exploit this emergency to his own advantage. Suppose it appears that Obama wins the election, but Romney walks away with it. Millions of blacks all over the country will protest that Romney stole an election that rightfully belonged to Obama, and these protests will soon turn into riots. Romney will declare that the riots caused by Obama's supporters are a threat to national security and Romney will then take official action to discourage riots by discouraging any kind of protests.

The protests will continue. Millions of blacks who supported Obama will shout: 'Obama won the election, so why is Romney in the white house?' Romney will say that the political protests by these blacks are a threat to national security, and he will outlaw political protests.

Romney and his Republicans will also try to outlaw pornography, and as a result, the price of pornography will double or triple. He won't just try to outlaw pornography on the internet, he'll try to outlaw political websites, too. The price of an automobile will probably triple or quadruple during Romney's presidency. Romney will be antagonistic to the automobile industry, and as a result, a typical car that costs $20,000 will cost between $60,000 and $80,000 after Romney takes over. There is no doubt in my mind that Romney will start a global war, you might call it world war three. Romney has already made insulting statements towards Europe, he said in a speech a few days ago that he wants America to be less like Europe and more like America. He was calling Europe a welfare state. That's an insult to all Europeans, saying that all of European history and culture amounts to nothing more than a welfare state.

Romney is a Mormon, and I think he's capable of starting world war three to protect Mormon missionaries. What is Romney going to do, if the Russian government restricts the activities of Mormon missionaries in Russia? He'll probably send the troops into Russia! Suppose the Chinese government does something to restrict Mormon missionaries in China, what do you think Romney will do? Naturally, he'll attack China. Romney has already said that he's willing to attack Iraq and Syria, so it's actually easy for me to predict that Romney will start world war three. Romney's crusade will lead to global warfare and it will cost us millions of lives.

Anthony Ratkov, September 13,2012.


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