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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are two of the Kind

Updated on November 27, 2012

Two of the Kind

It's the obligation of the America people to elect into office a president who will devote his time to helping all Americans, not just the middle-class. Obama has spent almost four years being criticized by others who will not knowledge that he has done a good job running this country. Despise all of his accomplishment the Republicans are refusing to step up and say that this man has made a different. The American people standing behind Romney-Ryan are waiting for our country to take a giant step back. Mitt the former Governor of Massachusetts, left the situation he created and walked out on the people that he promised he would take care of.The former president George Bush left our country in shambles not living up to the responsibilities of took and oath to do. During his stay in the White House, the economic weaken, jobs was loss and the recession grew, leaving the American people poorer. The republicans stood behind there leader, without word of encouragements to the Americans people. President Obama is a caring person who believe in helping all Americans not just the middle class. Some of the change was to bring down Osama Bin Laden, one of the world danger's terrorist in the world. More jobs was created, home mortgages lower, our soldiers came home and the medicare was pass. Conversely, to all the issues that has not been solve the president is trying hard to make this country. Mitt Romney stands before a crowd of people talking about things that Obama has not done, he should look back at all the empty promises he made to the people of the Bay State judging himself. By your own accord you stated that you wanted to help America and the middle class leaving the poor to fend for themselves.Ryan wants to do away with plan parent hood which Will destroy the lives of so many women. These two men wants to take the rights of a women away by controlling what we can do with our bodies. It's time Mitt Romney and Ryan to realize that we are in control.


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      JThomp42 5 years ago

      Respectively, All Presidents can always do better. So being with this President.