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Mitt Romney The Businessman

Updated on January 26, 2013

The Millionaire

Mitt Romney bullied his way through the debate,like he did to a student in his early childhood. He acted as if he was nervous with unreadable body language the night of the debate. The polls and the media says that Mitt Romney won the debate, coming out strong. Obama tried to keep up it Romney has he flip-flopped through the debate, making promises that he couldn't keep.The American people wanted Obama to be tougher, on Romney confronting him about the, about the 47%. The media and the American people was in shock that the subject didn't come up.Romney is not a good businessman, like Robin hood he robbed failing companies with his investors and made himself and his investors rich. Romney is nothing but a greedy businessman, who will steps on anyone he can to get what he wants, Mrs. Romney said when they first got married,her husband wanted her to stay home and raise the chair, it is clear that he made the decision of the household. Mitt criticized the prime Minister at the Olympic London, it was rude and unprofessional for a business man. As Governor he did not live up to his responsible in Massachusetts, leaving the poor and the middle-class to suffer why the rich got richer. He fail the people and the state when his four years was up he walks out of Massachusetts without looking back. Romney will discredit Obama any way he can by lying to the people saying he can get this country back on track, he fail once and will fail again.Obama is not a perfect president no one is, but he never talk down to the poor like Romney did. Romney will take the rights of women way, giving the government the opportunity to make choices on what we can do with our bodies. Each and everyone of us has the right to vote for who will we think will help our country and the people. Willard mitt Romney does not have your interest, my interest or the country best interest at heart. Romney has all the money his family will ever needs,the one thing that he has not been able to do is to make Mrs. Romney the "The first Lady of the United States of America.


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