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Mitt Romney's 47% comment

Updated on September 19, 2012

Mitt Romney is not concerned with the 47% that do not matter in his world.

I’m concerned that a presidential candidate can stand by such an irresponsible and cold thought process. While people are out of work and some companies have reserves but are not h
iring in order to “wait and see” while playing it extremely conservative while piling reserves; Mitt Romney makes this statement. *Just last week the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Georgia public companies are sitting on approximately $42 billion dollars in cash while the economic crisis has Georgia with an unemployment rate above the national average.

People wanting handouts you say?

What happened to middle class Americans who have not been able to afford healthcare for many years? What about the resulting deaths that occur because the healthcare system runs on emergency management only? I can recall the story of a middle class, educated, and married couple that paid out of pocket to have their baby while hoping they would not have complications because they were concerned they could not afford such a thing to occur. There are people that work every day but can’t afford an extra $150-$250 a month for healthcare insurance so ambulance situations are when their medical conditions are addressed at premium pricing.

What happened to people not looking for a handout with an education and/or trades who were laid off? What about the people whose employers filed bankruptcy and closed their doors due to this economy? What about the new large group of the EDUCATED unemployed, who worked hard, bearing thousands in students loans in an effort to better their lives but are not hired because they are overqualified?

What about those who lost their homes, their 401k’s, and investments due to this down economy and the banking industries corruptive practices? Does a handout equal their prior wealth? Can a handout allow them to live on the level of status or wealth which they worked so hard to build? What about those who drained everything they have in savings and investments just trying to weather the storm?

This statement says “I have.” “You have not.” “It must be your fault.” The only problem with that thinking is that this arrogant rationale does not apply to most American’s today. When it comes to statements made by such people as billionaire Warren Buffet regarding how unfairly the working /middle class is taxed in comparison to people, such as himself, who could pay more taxes without any hardship – that rationale is ignored.

At a time when people that made 6 figures have gone bankrupt and are living with friends and family – How can you act as if such a large majority of American’s would want to operate on handouts?

Mitt Romney needs to understand that while his family paid for his education, provided him with a home, and went through hard times selling stocks at premium profit to get started in life some people aren’t given the golden road. To be insensitive at a time when America is on its way to recovery and people are weathering the storm is wrong. For an ivy league educated individual; Mr. Romney seems to constantly provides reckless and flippant comments revealing "the have's" are the only group he's concerned about. Mitt Romney, the American blue blood candidate.


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