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Mixed Mental Defense Technique

Updated on February 2, 2011

Psychological Self-defense: A Mixed Approach

      O.K. -  i've gotten my prescriptions filled and feel almost 100% in touch with pre-electronic reality.  I still believe in God, but I'm not tortured by visions of a near-approaching apocalypse, nor am I trying to leave my body to go anywhere else.  It's my personal belief that while the US government HAS developed mind-reading technology/subliminal suggestion weapons to sculpt the view of people who are a particular threat to the present social order, it hasn't got the technology to pull us from our minds and place us anywhere else.  This is a load of bunk designed to get troublesome citizens to let themselves be erased from their own minds.  I have both a Biblical AND a logical basis for my opinion. 

     For one thing, mankind chosen by God to live under His kingdom inherit the Earth.  Only a chosen few get to go to Heaven.  This mind-control technology tried to corner me less than a year ago with this belief that I could leave my body and go somewhere else.  I was suffering so badly from the other means of electronic torture that I actually WANTED to go to this place.  Had my parents failed to stop me, God only knows what would have happened.  After my trip to the ER, I experienced an awful reality in which Black tendrils of evil were pulling at my body from all angles and that I was to be converted into a womanly whore for Satan.  Thanks to the invention of sedatives, I was able to get some sleep and escape this "electronic possession". 

     Now, the last experience with God/The Devil was controlled by me because I know how to listen for the "Salvation Frequency" which can be found within every electronic-mind-torture session.  You take that high-pitched whine ee!ee!ee! and convert it to eeeeee,eeeeee,eeeeeeto eeeeeee,eeeeeeee,eeeeeeee until you begin to hear what sounds like an Operatic sounding chorus.  This will get you on the "God Frequency".  This will save you, but you had better be willing to make all sorts of concessions about being a peaceful person, a Christian person and a globally-conscious person.  You can block both frequencies by listening to loud music and/or taking a combination of Zoloft/Abilify/Clonopin.  Then reality becomes plain old every-day reality before the phenomenon of electronic harassment. 

     See, this is quite a brilliant way to sort out "God People" from "Dog People" (totally electronically-possessed people devoid of free-will and totally synchronized in all their actions relative to one another).  Your ears start ringing, usually because you did something you weren't suppose to do (have a beer, masturbate, especially if you smoke Marijuana because it makes you ULTRA-sensitive to these frequencies).  A lot of people probably have "lost their minds" during such conditions because they didn't know how to "listen up" and were thus consumed by the "Lower Frequency" (ee!ee!ee!).  So, if you want to survive these awful mental attacks, listen for longer and longer high-pitched syllables and THINK VERY GOOD THOUGHTS.  If you don't, you "fall" out of the "Salvation Frequency" into "The Hell Frequency". 

      Now, you know how to dodge Hell.  The next question is do you want to completely subscribe to EVERYTHING you hear on this "Salvation Frequency".  This I'm going to leave for you to personally decide.  I've seen normal Christians and I've seen what appear to be "Converted Christians".  They are kind of strange.  They seem kind of glassy-eyed, like the "Dog People" I've run into.   At least they don't have to have sex with members of their own gender ON COMMAND and then not tell anyone else about it.  If you are going to pick a side, pick God's's a whole lot more forgiving than being "possessed" by something that just ISN'T YOU.  You also have the choice to go back to thinking what you did in the first place. 

      You can see how ingenious such a system is for separating human beings into two invisible social castes.  One is die-hard Christian, the other is devoid of any personal free-will.  What about "average Joes and Janes" who simply want to believe whatever they personally believe?  Well, I've given you the tools to escape from "Electronic Hell" and the power to decide how extreme you want your Christian beliefs to be.  The stuff you hear on the "Salvation Frequency" is very disturbing, too.  It says that the End is upon us.  It implies that to leave the body right now may be the only way to save yourself.  This I do NOT believe.  I think that it may very well be a way to convince individuals to submit to further programming or die (if that is possible).  The State has found a way to convert "problem citizens" into mindless slaves or VERY NICE CHRISTIANS.  Then again, if they are fulfilling prophecy you probably will want to be Christian when they induce a technologically-based Armageddon. 

     By taking the right medications RESPONSIBLY and listening to music the majority of the time, you can maintain a normal perception of reality (you know, normal reality before all this Electronic Harassment ever started).  The problem is that you will find yourself in social situations or work settings that won't give you the benefit of headphone music.  The meds help here a lot.  What would have been Pure Hell was easy as pie with my drug-regimen restoration.  If you should ever be caught off-guard (no meds, no headphones), then you stretch out those electronic syllables into Ahhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh and think REALLY NICE, CHRISTIAN THOUGHTS.  It might freak you out with Apocalyptic visions or the need to leave your own body, but that can be reversed with medication/music later on. 

     So, what is this?  Are they separating the Sheep from the Goats for a future, technologically-created Armageddon or is it just a reform system designed to change the way people think?  Hard to say.  I'm Christian, but I also have a Love for intellectual freedom that won't quit.  I like things the way they were decades ago when you could do/think whatever you pleased without being tortured/converted.  You could see how brilliant such a system is:  each person suffers the "Purifying Fire" and comes out enslaved to a "Dark Side" or else becomes REALLY Christian.  It isn't very forgiving and it often involves forcing your body to do things against your will.  It makes it really difficult for me to experience sex.  It can be done, but it involves a Superhuman level of determination.  Doing just about anything you enjoy is discouraged, unless it's something like collecting stamps or bird-watching. 

     You could see this new situation as Orwell's 1984.  They have abolished the orgasm, we have very real "thought police" and anyone who steps out-of-line either gets converted into a zombie-like "Dog Person" (who has to perform sexual favors on demand) or else can hear the "Salvation Frequency" and are thus converted to Christianity.  There are overtones that we have been invaded by thought-patterns being broadcast over the equipment used to conduct electronic harassment.  This "Alien Invasion Perspective" carries some weight, but it is pretty demoralizing to think that your Loved Ones/Friends have been taken over by Alien beings.  You almost WANT to not be if you see things this way.  Maybe people are dying/going somewhere to await resurrection....I should have tried to "leave" while in the E.R......then I could have had some really interesting details for you. 

     As I see it, be Christian because there is definitely something out there that is "eating" non-believers and taking control of their minds/bodies.  I'm a combination of good and bad.  I enjoy intense experiences, believe that a Man should not be such a panty-waist and favor sex.  I also want as many people as possible saved from having their minds raped.  I was "bad" enough to incur the wrath of the system, but good enough to figure out how to find the "Salvation Frequency" and tell others about it.  By trial-and-error, I've figured out many means of BEATING THE SYSTEM.  I would like other free-thinkers to talk with/socially interact with.  This is probably too much to ask at this point.  Just survive to think freely another day.  Use ALL counter-methods I've previously mentioned and when caught face to face with "The Filtering System of God",  find that "Salvation Frequency" and hold onto it for dear Life by listening for it CONTINUOUSLY and THINKING REALLY NICE THOUGHTS. 

      What is THE OTHER frequency like:  fast-paced, frantic, maddening and reality-distorting.  You could believe almost anything you hear on it.  That's why music is so great.  You replace the "programming reality" with the spirit of your favorite songs.  You are actually substituting your own music for the junk you'd be picking up out in the open.  Watch out for any music made after 1990.  Most everything after that is mind-crushing garbage designed to brainwash hapless victims.  In this case, you have POISONOUS MESSAGES, so it's best to not pick up on certain things.  Being less likely to "listen" will keep you safe and cause the "Dog People" to call you:  "Blind" and "Deaf".  These messages are toxic to the individual personality, so being quick to pick up on new things can be a liability.  Better to be willfully ignorant and retain the Self than to be looking for anything in the environment......for us, it is filled with brainwashed people doing a "song and dance" to disturb us/render us more open to "Social Programming". 



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