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Mob Attacks Pakistanis in Cologne.

Updated on January 11, 2016
Migrants Arriving By Boat.
Migrants Arriving By Boat. | Source
Pergida Poster.
Pergida Poster. | Source
Lampooning Merkel.
Lampooning Merkel. | Source

Migration And Germany.

Germany took in around 1.1 million migrants last year as part of Angela Merkel's policy of accepting Syrians and others supposedly fleeing war torn areas of the world.

What happened over New Year though outside Cologne Cathedral has outraged many Germans and even some Germans who wanted to help the new comers into Germany may have made many of them think twice.

Women who were celebrating the coming of 2016 said they had been sexually assaulted and even raped in one case by gangs of men mostly of foreign appearance described as either North African or Middle Eastern looking.

Pegida the anti - Islamic extremist group carried out a large protest about these alleged incidents and were so adamant in their demonstration that police confronting them had to use water cannon to disperse them and drive them back.

Now news comes that a group of Pakistanis presumably minding their own business were attacked by a group of 20 in what is no doubt retaliation for the foreign men attacking German women.

Germany along with Sweden has been the most generous nation in Europe taking huge amounts of migrants and trying to give them sanctuary and a better life in Germany.

Angela Merkel's popularity ratings have taken a battering because of these assaults on German women and also in some areas like Hamburg crime rates have also gone up because of migrants according to some sources in Germany.

Merkel has called for tough action on migrants who commit crimes and abuse Germany's trust and she has had to do something in the wake of the criticism she has endured because of her open door policy by a lot of Germans and theses recent attacks over the New Year period.

Tensions remain high between the host German community and the new comers and it is a shame because not all these migrants can be under cover terrorists or sex attackers and many Germans are tolerant of other cultures just look at their soccer team which incorporates Germans of all ethnic backgrounds including native European looking Germans.

As I said though in a former article tensions between host communities and the migrants remain high not just in Germany but also in France, UK and others.


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    • profile image

      Commonsensethink 2 years ago

      I think that when the police investigations into this finally reach their conclusions, people will observe that it is more to do with the problems caused by long-term immigration than by the immediate refugee crisis, and particularly to do with North African criminal street gangs - already widely known in Belgium and France, but still relatively new to Germany.

      From a letter I read in the German press this week from an Egyptian lady, this practice of mobbing women, sexually assaulting them (in a very nasty way to distract them) and then stealing their possessions may be quite new to Europe, but is a well-known criminal practice in some North African countries, so German (and other European) police forces are going to have to learn how better to prevent it.

      Merkel meanwhile is at least in the advantageous position of knowing that all the major opposition parties supported the mass influx of refugees (that 50% of the German public didn't is another matter entirely). She is due to retire this year anyway. The likelihood after these events is that her successor will be from the more conservative wing of the CDU/CSU block, maybe even for the first time from the Bavarian sister party (the CSU) as its leader, Horst Seehofer, has been notably critical of Merkel's policy regarding the refugees.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      well it had to happen. You cant run with the hate and hunt with the hound. Merkel may well pay a terrible price for Germany in letting in these refugees.