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Mob Justice Must Not Prevail.

Updated on November 12, 2014

Done The Crime and Paid The Time.

Free Democratic Socities are based on solid principles that are fundamental to allowing each and every person to live freely, without fear and without being blighted by the spectre of prejudice hanging over them.

Currently, on the world stage we see attempts by various groups to impose their will on others under the principle "MIGHT IS RIGHT". Whatever their cause, these people must be resisted if the principle that is the foundation for free, democratic society is to be upheld.


At this time in the UK a minor scale challenge to principles of freedom and justice threatens to escalate beyond reasonable argument and action. It is implicit in a free society that no individual or group has the right to take justice into their own hands but rely on the system in place to deal with those who offend the laid down rules. The system is far reaching and is established to deal, on behalf of society with all types of transgessions from the trivial to the most severe.

Removal of the privilige of freedom by imposed incarceration has long been a major weapon in sheiding people from those who transgress in whatever way they have deemed to do so. At the same time, modern society strives to ensure that those sent to jail are not simply locked away for a set time but also assisted, where possible, to recognise their fault and to seek to ensure that it is not repeated.,

Without doubt, the percentage of re-offenders shows that there is scant success but nevertheless, it is generally held that offenders, once they have served their time, are released to take up a place appropriate to them in society. Thus, the offender has the opportunity to rebuild their own life by standing on their own feet and that must include the opportunity to return to work in a way that reflects on their individual abilities.

That is almost universally accepted, or was, in UK until recently. Now it seems that released offenders can retun to their previous occupation unless they ate a FOOTBALLER.

The Sad Case Of A Minor Player

All the current controversy rests upon the case of a Professional Footballer from the second tier of English football. He is in fact Welsh but that is of no consequence. The facts of his situation are as follows: 1. He was convicted of rape on a 19 year old girl in a Hotel Room.

2. He was arrested, tried, convicted and sent to jail some 2.5 years ago.

3. He completed his term and was released back into Society.

4. His lawyers are soon to present a case to a panel of judges stating

wrongful imprisonment .

5. He wishes to return to his occupation and his club has agreed to a request

from his Union to train with them and he has started to do so.

The matter has created waves of anger through the media from those who clearly believe that justice is a matter to be decided, not by the Courts, but by those who shout loudest. The club has struck a brave stance on the matter by allowing him to train whilst making it clear that, as yet, they still have to determine whether to retain him as a contracted player.


In the midst of all this a former Minister for Sport has backed the mob. His reasons being that the player has not stated remorse, nor issued an apology to the girl in question. Of course we all know that politicians are very capable of saying things appearing on the suface sincere, whilst in their heads thinking exactly the opposite but maybe, a footballer, a member of a profession where brain power is not a high priority requirement, is merely doing what he has been told to do by those fighting his case.

Be all that as maybe, the matter resolves itself to the fact that ,in legal terms, he has "paid his debt" to society and now wishes to try to salvage his occupation. The big question to be asked is whether such a hullabaloo would have arisen if he worked in a trade not focussed on by the media. Does anyone really believe that young boys who would watch him play will be taken down a path believing rape is acceptable. I, for one, think not.

I know not this player and have no brief for any rapist but what I do believe in is living to the letter of the law for my own, and the common good.

The baying mobs must be resisted as a matter of principle for they know not, and in a lot of cases, fear not what they do. This sad case of a minor player has highlighted the hypocrisy that lurks under the surface in societies like the UK and can sadly be seen in many ways so easily, on social media. Let those without guilt throw the first stone. No stones thrown ? Then that clears the way for real justice to triumph, not only here but on all similar yet unrelated matters.



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