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Mob Rule

Updated on August 26, 2018

Harlotte Spins A Breakfast Tale

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday August 26, 2018. Our creative friend, Spider Harlotte, is at the stove weaving a wonderful breakfast for all of us. This morning's fare is a beautiful batch of Banana Walnut Pancakes. I will be supplying the syrup and French lattes. Harlotte is tired of all the investigations that are on going and going nowhere. The president is under the thumb of Mueller who is doing a first rate imitation of a mob boss. He is investigating anyone who has ever come into contact with the president in the hope that if he and his gang torture them enough they will squeal on the president. Whether or not what they have to say is true is irrelevant. The Mueller gang wants to get rid of Donald Trump, and they will stop at nothing to accomplish that. In their wake are many lives that have been destroyed because of their actions. General Flynn is a perfect example of what happens when corrupt government officials decide to play dirty and ruin lives. General Flynn couldn't keep up with the cost of defendng himself against a non crime, so he caved in order to save his family. He pleaded guilty even though he was innocent. Our justice system is no longer just. It has been tainted by the interests of powerful and dangerous people who want to run the show without outside interference. President Trump is that outside interference, and those who support him are outside the system as well. Our country is crying out for true justice. Our country is aching for a return to decency. Our country is mourning the death of common sense. How do we begin to turn things around before everything we once stood for is lost?


Better Education is Key

If we look to the future, it becomes clear that we have to reverse the current trend of graduating students from colleges and universities who know nothing about our history and less about the world. The current epidemic of stupidity prevalent among college students and fairly recent graduates is staggering. These young men and women are going to go out into the world and become the future Maxine Waters in Congress, unless we can turn things around and demand better teachers and higher standards. The darling of the Socialist Democrats is Ocasio-Cortez who now is telling anyone who will listen that global warming is killing Americans. This young woman went to some pretty fine schools, and somehow emerged more ignorant than a three month old infant. At least that baby has promise. Cortez has none, but she very well may end up in Congress where she will fit right in.

The indoctrination of our nation's children begins early. They are subjected to teachers who are so left leaning it is surprising they can walk upright. By the time these kids graduate from high school the damage is done. They are ripe to inhale the ramblings of left-wing professors who hate America and have very low standards when it comes to education. The proof of the decline in education is evident every single day.


Zero Tolerance

There are a very alarming number of examples occurring in our schools that point to a very damaged system of education. A 10-year old boy was disciplined by his teacher because he called her ma'am. Apparently this teacher told the class never to address her that way. The student was out ill at that time, and so he was unaware of his teacher's psychotic attitude. The teacher freely stated that she wanted to throw something at the kid. The school solved the problem by transferring the student to another class. The teacher remained in class. If we keep tolerating this kind of lunacy, we will graduate lunatics.

Another hideous example of stupidity just occurred in Virginia. The school system in Fairfax County is spending precious school hours on "evolving sexual identity", and on the proper handling of contraceptive drugs and devices. They compounded their over-reach by teaching kids that they weren't actually born male or female. The term "biological sex" has been removed from all lessons. The term has been replaced by the term"gender-fluid." I suppose it's normal to feel like a girl one day and a boy the next. This garbage is all a part of tearing us down as a society. It is preparation for accepting almost anything, and clearly it is a part of a much larger movement that seeks to radically transform us as a nation. Barack Obama and his far left buddies must be thrilled.


Before It's Too Late

Unfortunately, there are loads of examples of the deterioration of our values, our knowledge, our common sense and our love of country. We can change Congress by voting out the fools and electing people of integrity. In order to do that, we must educate our children to be concerned citizens who know right from wrong, have the ability to read, write, absorb information and make intelligent decisions and choices. As voters we need to make our voices heard. We need to demand that Congress ac and produce results. We need to put an end to people like Mueller. We need to educate our children to become informed voters. We need to expect more from those we give authority to, and we need to get rid of them when they let us down.

I refuse to believe that it is too late to reverse the course we are on, but it is going to be a close call. Let's get busy.

Harlotte's Song

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

When first we practice to deceive

Sir Walter Scott.


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