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Mockupy Wall St?

Updated on October 9, 2012

Laughing at Himself?

Halloween draws near, and adults, like kids, are getting costumes ready. A fellow alumni of my high school, though a few years my senior, has made an interesting, but not unexpected choice.

He looks like he is going to be an "Occupier." Or at least the way the media has tended to present the "%99"; unkempt, etc.

With him being closer to agreeing with the "%1" and their ideas, the idea to put on the stereotype doesn't surprise me at all. He likely relies on the corporate media, if not the "%1" voices of AM-Radio, for his news and ideas. His hometown NPR station, or a voice like Rick Smith likely goes unheard. So what he sees is the image of the voices of the "%99" as those who by choice are on the fringes of society.

This presentation is necessary in the eyes of the "%1". As long as those who oppose corporate power can be painted as freaks, it's easier to demonize them. The "%99" have in a sense become another "outgroup".

Of course, "outgroups" are a main component of any right-wing movement. They need to be used as a way to get people to vote against their economic interests and for the kind of "corporate state" that is the hallmark of many reactionaries.

But alas, it has worked, time and time again. From the costume, it seems that a person that I see as being of above-average intelligence has fallen for it, he doesn't see that he's being turned against his own to do the bidding of those at the top.


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