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Mohamed Atta's last words

Updated on July 7, 2017

(Released September 11, 2012, through the FOIA)


Mohamed Atta
Mohamed Atta

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The United States Government has gone out of its way to block the investigation of all of the incidents of 9/11. In 2002, at the urging of Bush and Cheney, Congress passed a law granting immunity to companies that handled security at the airports. It brushed aside court challenges to the official story brought by litigants such as William Rodriguez and April Gallup. It ignored whistleblowers from federal employees such as Sibel Edmonds, Ken Williams, Coleen Rowley, Robert Wright and others. On October 1, 2002, one year after 9/11, Congress passed H.R. 4687 which allowed the director of the NIST to deny researchers access to the data and parameters used to simulate the collapse of the buildings at the WTC, and in 2005, Patrick Gallagher, the director of the NIST effectively used this law to obstruct further investigation.

Having closed all avenues of challenge to the official story, I decided it was time to look for unambiguous evidence that would circumvent the legal fences and roadblocks Big Brother had placed around 9/11. Specifically, I took the trouble to submit an FOIA requesting the complete tape recording of Mohamed Atta’s transmissions to air traffic controllers from the Flight 11 cockpit. The US Government had withheld the full transcript from the public. The revelations are stunning. They should convince even the most skeptical that 9/11 was an inside job.



As part of its campaign to silence dangerous opponents to the official story, people who could have caused legal problems, the U.S. Government released the 9/11 Virus, a deadly vector that neutralized any remaining dissent.



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