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Mohammed Ali Jinnah

Updated on June 29, 2013

Great Leader Jinnah

Mohammed Ali Jinnah was prominent lawyer, politician and thinker. Jinnah fought hard for separate land for Muslims of subcontinent. Mohammed Ali Jinnah was founder of Pakistan he also called father of the nation under his leadership dream of Pakistan became true. Mohammed Ali Jinnah never compromised his words, ideology and principles and gave us lesson of Unity, Faith and Discipline.

In his famous speech Mohammed Ali Jinnah said.
Freedom cant be achieved without suffering and sacrifice think hundred times before you take a decision but once decision is taken stand firm behind it. Despite most important person of political history Great Mohammed Ali Jinnah was very simple person. Life of founder of Pakistan is worth following for positions in Pakistan.

Early Life

Mohammed Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi his father Jinnah Ponja was a prominent merchant in Karachi and he was exporter of cotton, wool, grain and other domestic products. Jinnah mother was house wife. His sister Fatimah Jinnah was also active politician she also took part in president elections against Pakistan former president Ayub Khan.

Karachi was getting economic boom at that time. Mohammed Ali Jinnah received early education form Sindh Madersae Islam Karachi. He was good student in his childhood and he was also active sportsman during his school days.

After his early education he went to England for higher education he studied law in England form Lincoln inns and very soon he became lading barrister in subcontinent. As a lawyer Mohammed Ali Jinnah started his career in Bombay he was only Muslim barrister in city at that time. Famous advocate of Bombay invited Jinnah to join his chamber as a barrister Mohammed Ali Jinnah accepted his offer and very soon rose high position in Bombay law circles.

Political Career

Mohammed Ali Jinnah started his political career attending the All India Congress twelfth annual meeting in Bombay. He was member of congress moderate group and favoring Hindu Muslim unity in different aspects of life. But very soon he dissatisfied with the polices of congress and joined All India Muslim league as apolitical leader. In 1912 Mohammed Ali Jinnah addressed the first meeting of All India Muslim league.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah was not member of Muslim league at that time. After the request of other prominent Muslim leaders Dr. Mohammed Iqbal and Mulana Mohammed Ali Jauher he returned back from Britain and next year he joined All India Muslim league as a prominent leader.
Dr. Mohammed Iqbal wrote several letters to Mohammed Ali Jinnah Iqbal was think that only Jinnah could unite nation and could play better role in creation of Pakistan.

Political Struggle

Under the leadership of Mohammed Ali Jinnah Muslims of subcontinent worked hard for creation of Pakistan. In All India Muslim league 1930 meeting in Allahabad Dr. Mohammed Iqbal purposed separate home land for Muslims of subcontinent. Chudrary Rahmat Ali another prominent leader of Pakistan movement purposed name of separate Muslim land Pakistan.

Muslim leaders purposed that Muslim majority areas Bengal, Assam and Sind could be included in new created Pakistan. Sindh was strong base of All India Muslim League. Muslim league had won majority of seats in Singh province. During 1940 meeting of All India Muslim league Mohammed Ali Jinnah himself purposed the partition of India and creation of new state Pakistan which is widely supported by other Muslim leaders. 1942 All India Muslim league presented the Pakistan resolution which was base of creation of Pakistan.


In 14 August 1947 After long struggle of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and other leaders dream of Pakistan became true. Mohammed Ali Jinnah was appointed first governor general of Pakistan. After creation of Pakistan Jinnah faced tough challenges. Millions of refugees migrated from different parts of subcontinent to Pakistan.
Several people killed during travel to Pakistan and several lost everything. Despite limited resources of new government Mohammed Ali Jinnah and his team worked hard for newly created Pakistan. After creation of Pakistan he died next year in 1948 and his tomb is situated in heart of Pakistan social and culture hub Karachi.

The Great Speech of Sir Muhammad Ali Jinnah


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