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Mom charged with 2-degree murder after smothering her infant son in the rest room of a fast food restaurant in Manhattan

Updated on September 26, 2015

Latisha Fisher caught in the act?

Authorities report that Latisha Fisher was caught in the act when a woman walked into the bathroom and witnessed Fisher holding her hand over the baby’s mouth. Fisher looked at the woman and said “I put my hand over his mouth to put him to sleep”, before locking herself in the bathroom. Employees grew concerned that something was happening inside of the bathroom when they noticed that the lines were rather long, and once they were able to find a way in, they found the baby unconscious and foaming from the mouth.

Latisha Fisher fought with staff trying to give her son CPR?

As if it weren’t enough that she held her hand over her own child’s mouth to prevent him from breathing, Fisher actually fought off staff of the restaurant who was trying to give the boy CPR. A local law enforcement officer said “I would describe her as soulless” in regards to a question that was asked to determine if the mother was distraught, the law enforcement officer went on to say “she put her hand over his mouth and smothered him”. Another police officer simply said “she is a lunatic. She is crazy”. I agree with the statements made by local law enforcement, no mother in their right mind would take the life of their own child and prevent their child from receiving help.


Gavriel dies at the hospital, while family maintains mommy loved her son?

Even-though CPR attempts were batted away by the mother, the 20-month-old was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Latisha Fisher was apprehended at the scene, and has since been charged with 2-degree murder, claiming the devil made her do it. Meanwhile, Latisha’s mother, 54-year-old Merial Fisher said “It’s hard, it’s really unbelievable. I know my daughter loves her son,” I don’t know what happened. It’s just so sad”. Really? It’s sad? Your daughter just murdered your grandson and you are going to maintain that she loved him, and state you don’t understand what happened when she was caught smothering the poor boy on a bathroom floor?

Mommy has another child?

It's really unbelievable that any mother could take the life of her own child, what is worse is that this mother has another child, a 12-year-old from another relationship she had. Gavriel’s paternal grandmother, Miriam Lozada said “right now the family is in mourning, I’m going to miss my sweetheart, miss my boy. I’m going to miss him so much”. Lozada maintained that Fisher appeared to be a normal mother without any signs that she would one day murder her baby.

Taking the paternal grandmother’s statements, they made sense when authorities checked Fisher’s face book page, under the name Lola Honey. Authorities state that the face book page was covered with pictures of the 20-month-old child and other family members. One thing that stuck out to law enforcement was the amount of inspirational messages or hints of moodiness in the days leading up to the murder of her son. Some of those messages read, “How did everything change on me. I want to sleep feeling well. Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can”, both of those were written within the last few days to a week before the incident.


Mommy has a violent streak?

When authorities spoke with Fisher’s neighbors at her Pitt St apartment, they learned that Fisher has a violent streak, had a habit of playing loud music, and that the smell of weed would typically come out of her apartment. Neighbors also told authorities that Fisher had taken a knife to a family member a few years ago, and that her older child was removed from the home. One of Fisher’s neighbor’s 47-year-old, Carolyn Lawson said “I think she just went cuckoo on whoever was up there. She needs help. It doesn’t make sense. I think she was on medication for whatever problem she had, but I’m assuming she wasn’t taking her meds”. It is reported that Fisher was living in the apartment with the baby’s father, but it is unclear if the two of them had problems, or if the Department of Family Services were involved with the family prior to the incident.

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© 2015 Amanda Seaton


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