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How Your Dollar Hamburger Can Make A Difference in the World

Updated on April 1, 2011

1.3 MILLION people die annually just from HIV in Africa every year, since the beginning of the epidemic over 15 MILLION have died. 18 children die per SECOND.  

There were 29 countries listed last year that were between 50 and 70% UNDER poverty level.  

There are almost 1 MILLION people just in the United States that are homeless with an estimated population of 300 million when India and China have over 1 billion.  Niger, was hit the worst by a food crisis just last year and no International group has enough money to help, because the care from people is getting less and less that only families with children under the age of two are getting just 50 kilograms of cereal.

7.9 MILLION people are affected and will have to fend for themselves.

Massive protests against the 30- year regime of Hosni Mubarak have swept across Egypt turning it into a war zone, the ongoing wars in Israel have killed over 25,000 people.

There have been 165 wars or tyrannies of the 20th Century which have killed more than 6,000 people. Five of these events claimed more than 6 million victims. Twenty-one events claimed between 600,000 and 6 million lives. Sixty-one events claimed between 60 and 600 thousand, and seventy-eight events killed between 6 and 60 thousand.

Of course, all these numbers are subject to a wide margin of error and a rancorous debate. Wars are messy, and tens of thousands of people can easily disappear without a trace. The worst atrocities take place in the dark, unseen and unrecorded. Estimated death tolls can therefore vary wildly, spanning several orders of magnitude at once. It's not at all unusual to have an upper estimate be two, maybe three, times the lower estimate.

Somewhere around 180 million people have been killed in one Twentieth Century atrocity or another -- a far larger total than for any other century in human history.

Worldwide there are 57,620,000 deaths per year. That's only what is recorded.





If people would come together and help each other out, eliminate the race issue, give some money out of respect for each culture's religion eliminating the need for power and money and TA DAH...

Believe it or not, everyone on this planet probably has a good idea of how to manage money (if they had it) and it just might work...

Ending poverty would provide rich soil in which development, even leapfrogging could take root. It would reduce global tensions, helping to fight terrorism and minimize conflict. It would take pressure off the environment, helping us respond better to biodiversity loss and climate change. In every imaginable way, progress will be made easier if more than a billion of us are not struggling for survival.

It would only cost $150 billion dollars in one year to kick start this. Yes I said ONLY.

As of 2009 there were 8.1 MILLION people that gross over 5 MILLION PER YEAR. Collective growth of wealth of these people grew to 39 TRILLION dollars!!


99.87 percent of the world population does not gross more $50,00 per year!!

Just in the United States, money is being spent on drilling for natural gas that kills people, animals and the environment. President Bush made it an exception in the Clean Water act allowing this water used for fracturing, that holds over 596 chemicals, to be absorbed into the ground, leak into water wells, evaporate and create acid rain. An entertainer or a sports athlete makes more money in one year then an average person makes in their lifetime. When someone does put something together to create money to help out a country in need, what do they do? They call one of these rich celebrities to make an appearance so lay people like ourselves can pay money to see them!!!! Then they give our money to charities before taking out their part to reimburse for putting the event together!

Reality television has consumed the population to the point where all our money is being spent on producing television shows. I just watched one the other night where it was showing how National Security set up their system on preventing terrorism and threats at the Super Bowl. Why don't they just write it down and hand it over to the enemy? Can you imagine the amount of money spent on drugs and alcohol by everyone? What about the people who make money "under the table". If you go to this site: you will see that a local DFW church is trying to stop the sex slave trading in our area and around the world. There are people who are selling their children, or their children are kidnapped, that are being kept in cages and being sold or used for sexual acts. At last year's super bowl they had buses set up as brothels filled with TEN YEAR OLD CHILDREN! This industry makes over 32 million dollars annually. It is happening everywhere and it must be stopped.

Slavery today is WORSE than it was in the 17th century.

Where is the balance there? 

People in general have become extremely short sighted. They only care about what directly effects them. They are blinded stupid by the government to believe that everything is happening naturally, or we are coming into the next century. It's all development while we are being tracked by our cell phones, GPS, credit cards, SSN, laptops and computers.  They control what we buy, the music we listen to, the money we pay for gas, oil, electricity, and every necessity we need in order to survive. People just sit on their ass and say "This sucks, but there is nothing I can do about it." That's why we have fallen so deep into this rut. That is why we have developed all of these entertaining things to distract us from what is really going on. We develop conspiracy theories to make the real things seem for fairy tale so we don't have to believe the reality. We need to put our personal feelings aside and learn that we are all human beings, no better than one another. We share equal skills and abilities and have the opportunity to achieve so much if we work together. Our governments must learn that politics as usual, just doesn't cut it. Instead of focusing on issues like global warming, they argue over who has the power to create nuclear weapons.

 We have social networking sites and it fully proves that one person can make a difference. Even though I have made countless posts about changing the world, making donations and hoping someone else may follow me I get only a few responses.

However; if one person makes a general statement about a stereotype, there comes a huge public outcry that destroys relationships. Immediately, people take that as a strike against their integrity, allowing themselves to be put into a category without questioning!!

It provokes the nerve that every human has inside of them. The power to fight in what they believe in.

Why can't that passion, that energy be utilized in a reason that matters??  Why instead of fighting with each other, giving up on the world we live, we come together and change it? It makes no sense to me. My trust in people has come to the point of complete dissipation. 

It is terrifying.


All you have to do is bring awareness to other people. Spend $2.00 on canned goods to donate to a homeless shelter, church or organization that will do everything else for you. Imagine, if 40 people decided not to order a hamburger off the dollar menu for one day, and instead bought 2 cans of food. That would be 80 cans sent to people who need it. If enough awareness was put out there and it multiplied by 100, that would be 4,000! There is so much possible growth for such a simple task! If they didn't have to spend so much money on food, they could utilize it in medicines, bedding, clothing, protection from the war zone, and so much more.

Would you be willing to give up one luxury to help starving people?

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    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 6 years ago from Deep South, USA

      It's amazing that much of the true giving to help the truly needy of the world today actually comes from people who have little to give...but recognize the dire need and feel the compunction to offer whatever they can.

      Meanwhile, there are a few wealthy philanthropists in the world who have their "pet" charities, but many, many more wealthy who spend millions on designer clothing, jetting around to the world's resorts, parties, etc. (think Paris Hilton, for one) and giving no thought to these suffering people.

      These pictures break my heart, and I would only hope they would touch everyone who sees them. The question is: who will see them?

      My few dollars may not do much, but I'll give them and hope that enough others follow suit to really help. I hope people will read your hub and be touched by it. One of the major problems is that, even though you have a lot of good keywords, people aren't using search engines to look for this type of message. They don't want to know about it. If they can avoid knowing it, they don't have to feel guilty about all the money they waste while people are starving. (And, of course, some people just don't care enough to feel guilty.)

      I encourage you to post your article or a similar one in as many places as you can to gain a greater readership. Reach out to large print publications that are known to be humanitarian and offer an article with photos. Good luck, and don't give up! JAYE