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Money Matters Not.

Updated on August 12, 2014


Money is the viral DNA of culture. Bacteria infusing and compromising the integrity of a body structure, until it is sickened, weakened and dying. Born from necessity to ratify bartering and trade, it has now grown bloated and swollen, gorging on resources and manpower, rendering it untenable in a modern world. Monetary gain is slowly suffocating itself, air is running out. The capitalist cardiovascular system has been crushed and is filling with fluid.

Despite being a lengthy metaphor for free market capitalism, this is the whirlpool society is sinking into. How the largest corporations have turned us into slaves, even politicians and CEO's are under it's thrall. It has become the "Craven Image," of false idolatry Moses cautioned against (a rather erroneous term for an agnostic/atheist like myself to use, though it is the most apt symbolism my hungover mind can conjure at this point!) The importance of this misleading (sic) paper trail needs to be seriously re-evaluated and assigned to it's true merit in the minds of humanity.

Money has been wielded like a drunk person playing with matches in dry scrub. It is only a matter time before naked flame comes into contact with said scrub and an uncontrollable wildfire spreads.

The initial incarnation of money, doubtlessly was a method allowing proof of purchase once bartering had ceased. It was to solidify this type of rudimentary trading. A fiscal Butterfly Effect that has grown into a violent tempest of control and chaotic rise and falls in global markets. It has now taken the shape of the jailor in our cultural prison. Exacting harsh censure on those that fall beneath it's exacting and ever-growing, harder to meet standards.

Due to our innate pack mentality, a residue from our more savage days, this has prompted a callous streak on many who gain money. Money equals power, dominance, ALPHA! So those with money have exerted power over those without. Even though political doctrines such as communism try to stem the flow of unchecked consumerism. Attempting to propagate unity, yet fallen victim to the hands autocratic regimes themselves. Is there an answer? Are we able to extricate ourselves from any model of control?

Yes, eternal vigilance and greater accountability. In this modern age, we are able to gain access to what those in office are doing (hence their desperate attempts to stifle internet freedom). Complacency is your greatest foe. Ignorance isn't bliss! Unity and education are tools to set you free, the hammer and chisel to burrow away the cell walls of your culture and financial Fuhrer! As a global society, we need peer reviewed, reasoned and discussed debate pertaining to the functions of our communities. A universal charter perhaps? There is much work to be done, but this is a planet we all share and we have a right to be able to enjoy it and our lives on it to a maximum level. Never in the fear of agents beyond your control (unelected and unfairly) scapegoating you for crises you had no hand in. You are wearing a media driven, celebrity infested, virtual reality helmet, remove it and you are subjected to far more beauty, colour wonder and knowledge than our sterile "modern capitalist" culture can't hope to emulate. The first instance in which to banish it's Draconian influence over you, is to assign money to a less vital category of importance. It is largely secondary, manmade, useless unless wielded by our cultural constructs and those who levy ultimate authority therein. Freed from fiscal thrall, you can truly marvel at your dual insignificance/importance in the universe. This is a far greater edifying experience than financial gain.

© Brad James, 2014.


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    • up2eleven profile image

      William Suphan 

      4 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      Agreed completely. When money was invented, we instantly created haves and have nots.

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Carrie Lee Night 

      4 years ago from Northeast United States

      Voted awesome ! :). My favorite hub from you so far. Brilliant. Thank you for sharing :)


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