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Money, Politics and the World

Updated on July 25, 2012

Can the world be fixed?

One World! Have Pride for that!
One World! Have Pride for that!

Pride for who you are makes the corruption okay?

Politics are corrupt in this country, in this world. As a human race we have created a society that values one life over another, one city over another, one country over another, and sadly money over life in general. Somehow this is all viewed as okay and seen as having pride for who you are and where you came from and what you have either been given or earned.

How can this ever be okay? If you say that pride is okay, and then you are saying it is okay that children are dying, as long as they are not dying where you are? It is okay that there are families that cannot afford to eat, as long as it is not your family or someone that you know that isn’t eating. It is not real-unless it is you? Let me tell you something, it is real. It is very real and it is you! It is me and the world I live in that sees the suffering and the fear and the tears that this world has created for millions.

Where is your SHOCK VALUE?

Re-Think what matters-Then re-Consider what is wrong with this World!
Re-Think what matters-Then re-Consider what is wrong with this World!

Do you lose sleep?

It is sad when you realize that the world cares more about the differences in some than the sufferage of others. So many pay more attention and take more action towards ending gay marriage or shunning homosexuals for their differences than they do for looking into the faces of children/people who are dying and are begging for help. Where is this logic? Where is the common sense? Where is the compassion? Where are our hearts? Not where they should be!

If you are losing sleep because you are thinking about human relationships that involve people of the same sex, seek therapy... you have a problem! If you want to lose sleep, lose sleep about the human lives that are lost because no one would feed them-or give them vaccines. Lose sleep knowing that a mother's heart is broken because she will never hold her child in her arms again. Lose sleep over the rapes, the slavery, the scrutinizing pain that is happening in the world today!

Don't lose sleep because two people found love and compassion in one another that they cherish and enjoy. Rethink the logic which you have. Rethink about the issues that matter. Stop damning people for who they are- look at who you are, and if you need to damn someone, damn yourself for your unreasonable thought processes.

To Value Life To the Standards it Deserves

As a society that values its political views and the money and interest it can accumulate, we are no longer valuing life. We no longer value a life when we demand payment before service for health care. We do not value a life when we do not allow the hungry to eat because they cannot pay for their portions. Simply put, we are valuing money over life. We give authority, rights, comfort, nutrition, health and social standing to money- not to life. It isn’t so hard to image that as a whole-that as one unified race, we can live.

Our world fights over power, power that is based off of money or resources. We do not share with others because if we share and run out, who will share with us? If we all shared resources and we all put down the value that political views hold so high, perhaps we would all value life to the standards it deserves. I do not care what you can do for me. I will do for you because I care! It is not so hard to image that this world could be happier, more peaceful and less people would be dying over famine and disease, if we all shared and we all decided that life has more value that politics and money.

One World is enough for every person to live without the fear that they will die???

Wake UP! We ALL matter! Wake UP! We ALL do not matter!

ONE WORLD! One world is enough for every person to live without the fear that they will die because they cannot afford treatment.

ONE WORLD! One world has enough resources to share and give to all that need.

ONE WORLD! Why do we need 100’s of countries, 1,000’s of currencies, and millions of people who suffer because they were born the wrong person, in the wrong place, at a bad time?

We are ONE World, and we could be unified if politics and money were stripped of their importance. Our countries, our world, is in desperate need of a facelift, because unlike the dinosaurs who took millions of years to die of due to mother nature, we don’t have to worry about that when it is demise that will lead to our extinction.

Democratic? Republican? Who cares, it is all who suffer. There is no importance to money and political views when life cannot be lived when the logical thinking we hold is; that without money and politics your life has no value or less value than another’s.

Wake up! We all matter! Wake Up! We all do not matter! There is no logic in the way that the human race is destroying ourselves, or the way that we are destroying the world. For as much intelligence and common sense that we, as a race, are capable of maintaining- we are on a path that leads to no where worth actually being..

If you believe in God- God help us for the mess we have made, the people who have been lost due to our ignorance and the mistakes we refuse to accept and correct to save ourselves from ourselves.


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