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Being Anti President Trump? [F2 250]

Updated on June 24, 2019

There is a difference between not agreeing with the president of the US and disrespecting the office of the president

Disagreement versus Resistance versus disruption of the country

No one says that you can't disagree with the decisions, or views of a sitting US president, but when it goes beyond disagreement to resisting the decisions a line must be drawn. That line is acting against the US as it runs similar to the goals of the enemies of the US.

The lawful method of disagreeing with the US government is the election process, but Anti Trumpers when Donald S Trump won the election, immediately started their resistance. From then until now this resistance has hampered the transition to his taking office, and challenged every things that he did or even said he would do as president. They took this resistance to the level of impeachment without having a single provable legal or any reason to do it.

This was the democrat platform for the 2018 election.

Basically, the democrat platform for 2018 was the same as it was in 2016, we are not Trump, don't vote for Trump or anyone that supports him, and we are against anything and everything president Trump does, says that he will do, or would like to do and even if we agree in spirit that it might be good for the country and the people.

In this hub we will look at three of these democrat don't like things about president Trump.

Three suspicious events that only benefit the democrats before the mid term election

  • Event 1 Sandbagging of the Ford accusation by senator Dianne Feinstein.
  • Event 2 Honduran Mob intent on invading the US border.
  • Event 3 Distribution of mail bombs to at least eight high level democrats.

The democrats used all three as examples to blame president Trump. And yet, none of them have been able to show cause why the link espoused by the democrats can or should be tied in any way to the president. They did these things for their party and against the country and the people.

What the left, the liberals, the Anti Trumpers did to the country since the 2016 election.

What the left, the liberals, the Anti Trumpers did to the country since the 2016 election should have been a wake up call to all Americans. Their actions in response to losing the 2016 presidential election and their congressional control was unprofessional and un American.

Resisting the president and boasting about their plan to impeach the president, the democrats vow should have been the basis of impeaching any of these elected officials out of office.

This is from several anti Trumpers that are commenting on the attempted bomb attacks against eight democrats

The following is another example about how desperate the democrats and especially the anti Trumpers are too try and take down president Trump. I will use the dialogue I had with an anti Trumper that tried to use these bomb attacks before any of the facts were made public. With nothing but headline this anti Trumper started the accusations.

Event 3 Distribution of mail bombs to at least eight high level democrats.

  • Note: Any misspelling or poor grammar by the anti Trumper making comments shouldn't be used by Hp to lower any of my scores.
  • The legend for the following dialogues is as follows;
  • The anti Trumper comments are in Bold.
  • My retorts to those comments are not in Bold and start with "B:" and end with ---------------.

The First anti Trump comment starts the accusations rolling

“This is an unfolding story, but it is obvious based on the attempted attack on GeorgeSoros recently, that is has political overtones. Is it not more than a coincidence that both Obama and Clinton received similar packages?”


The point of this article is that democrats and anti Trumpers don’t wait for the facts, evidence or any information before they immediately indict president Trump. As the comment from one of them above states that the story is unfolding, yet but he is already making this a political issue.


“The rightwinger will claim that all of this is just an aberration, but I say when pressed this behavior basically defines who and what the Right IS. In the pursuit of justice, heads are going to roll, as they need to, as the perpetrator and his or her motives are revealed for the country to see.”


It didn’t take long for this anti Trumper to claim that these attempted bomb attacks were from the “Right”. We don’t know that anyone has been connected to these attempts, and there is little information beyond that there were suspicious packages addressed to democrats.

“Heads are going to roll” and this anti Trumper has like they did in the judge Kavanaugh hearing has already blamed the “right” without have a shred of evidence.


A second anti Trumper chimes in with;

“It starts at the top. Will he be able to consistently condemn these attacks or will he end of fanning the flames? Unfortunately, my guess is the latter. We will see.”


It starts at the top? I guess that means they are also blaming president Trump as well as the entire “right”. Their comments themselves are inflammatory, which is ironic because they are saying the president Trump was fanning the flames.


The first anti Trumper comments again

“All we are going to get from the Trump administration are the standard bromides. He and his administration are the head of the serpent and makes the political climate palatable for these outrageous attacks.”


Really, bromides and from that gem to calling president Trump a snake as well as his entire administration. And while these anti Trumpers mimic what the democrats in congress, and the main stream media, it is president Trump only that causes a political climate for attacks.

There was no mention of a political climate when a gunman started shooting republican congress member while they were playing baseball. Or when someone sent Trump and others in his administration as well as his wife what appeared to be Ricin.

But that is OK, why because the democrats whine better than the republicans?

A third anti Trumper comments

“I'm concerned that "explosive devices" sent to Democrats like Obama, Clinton and Soros have taken extremism by the far right to a new level. But to claim that everyone on the right is a "thug" is taking it too far.”


He indicts the far right as a group of doing sending explosive devices, and then says not everyone on the right. Which is it? The end result is he is the third anti Trumper that has blamed the right and implicated the president.

The first commenter with another comment

“This sort of violence has been surreptitiously enabled by Trump and the tone that he sets.”


This is the democrat diode in action. A diode works only in one direction and here the diode only allows the democrats to call who is to blame for anything, while they themselves using the diode cannot be to blame.

The president’s tone is not anything about violence, but that can’t be said about what the democrats say to inflame and promote violence. I won’t go into the specifics because that would take another article, but Maxine Waters incites people to action, and president Trump doesn’t do that. Hillary Clinton says that you can’t be civil to the right, and that means they should be uncivil. How do you define uncivil? Eric Holder says when the right goes low, we kick them. How about Rosie O’Donnell saying, that she wants the military to forcibly take president Trump out of the White House. How is that different from a coup, and not a violent overthrow of the government? What about Tim Arnold saying, that he wants to cut off president Trump’s head.


”I am sorry, anti Trump no. 3, but looking at Ruby Ridges and Oklahoma City's, even going back to Alan Berg's murder in Denver back in 1984, the only difference between a rightist advocate and a rightist extremist is one happens to be a bit more polite and is not in a state of desperation, for the moment.”


A single person or a small group is most likely responsible for these explosive devices, yet it now becomes a slur and an entire group. These commenters don’t care about the facts, the truth or verifying the reports, they just want to use it to make their headlines. Those headlines are always about president Trump, and they always blame him for something, anything, and they don’t care if it is true or not because the important thing is to just make the accusation.


He continues

“But, as the pressure mounts and politics do not go their way, they will take up the gun, the pipe bomb, whatever to have his way and the democratic process be damned.”


There he goes again, inciting, inflaming and doing those same things he accuses president Trump and the right. Now they talk about the democratic process, but remember with Kavanaugh they didn’t care about the presumption of innocence, or due process. And they don’t care about it here. What then is this democratic process?


The second anti Trumper comments again

“When I worked for a lobbying firm, I heard so many angry right wingers on the phone stating just that...we will get guns and march on the White House, etc. Many of them were what I would consider older folks. These people are encouraged by Trump. I condemn all violence but the truth needs to be stated. “


This is an easy one to ground. When did you see any on the right get guns and march on the White House. That is a left, democrat action, not a right, republican. Just because these anti Trumpers say these things and make these accusations doesn’t mean they are true. But the truth never stops them because it is making the accusation that is their weapon. They hope that by repeating an accusation over and over again is the same as it being true.

Number 2 AT continues

There's certainly been no shyness here by those calling out left wing violence. I mean we already have someone here blaming it on a "leftist deep state."


There is no shyness because there are so many examples of left wing violence even before Trump was elected. This person is talking in code because his statement is vague and ambiguous.

The third AT commenter comments, but he is trying to make us believe he is right of center

I mostly agree with your response. But my main point remains about the headline. I am right of center, like many people, and I don't believe I'm a thug.

The first AT commenter comments

You are not one of THEM. You recognize Trump, his administration and his methods and have expressed disdain for it all. You represent the last of the "passenger pigeon" a moderate and extinct species that can no longer exists in the Trump universe.


If the third AT is right of center, he is still an Anti Trumper. So far all we have is three AT ranting, inciting and inflaming while not working from nor providing any facts, proof, evidence or any references to support their rants. Again, facts are needed for this AT diodes, they just rant anti Trump, anti Right.


The third AT comments

Unlikely, that these explosive were from the left, but It still starts at the top. Who hasn't seen this coming with the rhetoric from the White House?


This has been answered by me above, but the AT like repetition and they only have a few lines because they don’t have anything but headlines, and no story.

The Anti Trump don't deal in facts, they deal in tactics like sucker punching.

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The Data Before Republishing This Hub.

More Anti Trumpers Blame the President Without Any Facts, Proof, or Evidence.

35 10 0 0 10 10/24/18 10/25/18Draft

  • Hubber Score =40
  • Hub Score = 35
  • Hub Total Views = 10
  • Total Words in this Hub = Almost 1,950

The purpose of republishing this hub is to put some pro Trump hub into the Hp scoring. This hub will be republished at the completion of this edit. Then the statistics on this hub will be added to the hub to track it.



This article and several others that I have written about on Hp are based on actual anti Trumper comments. I made comments on their statements because their kind of accusations about the president and the right are not true. They don't use facts, they have no proof, evidence or facts.

As the case here with the explosive devices mailed to 8 democrats, they couldn't wait to blame the president. The story was reported by the media with not much more than the something suspicious was mailed to democrats. Yet, while they say the something were explosive devices they haven't really done any investigation on them.

My point is why can't the anti Trumpers and the msm wait until the federal and local law enforcement agencies do some investigation and provide more information on the story.

In fact, why can't they wait until these law enforcement agencies make a investigative report, and even name a suspect or a suspect group that is responsible.

No they can't, they won't, they don't and they don't need facts to make damaging accusations just weeks away from the midterm election.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago

      There are three events that have happened right before the midterm election, and all three are beneficial to only the democrats.

      These three events that I mentioned in this article are all highly orchestrated, and all three have been used by the democrats and the media to blame president Trump.

      And it is the very biased reports by the media that are examples of their use of fake news. News is reporting the events, verifying them, and giving all the known information.

      One of the attributes of fake news is that the events are not reported with verification, and giving all the information. But most importantly news does not have opinions, suspicions and other attached conclusions that points a finger in any direction while not being supported by facts, evidence, and verification.

      But that is why they are called fake news media.

      The full force of bias from these fake news networks was on the air and in print with only titles of the events, with little to nothing being confirmed by law enforcement.

      Fake news doesn't rely on facts, or truth because that would hamper their basis.


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