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More News On Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet Re - Shuffle.

Updated on January 6, 2016
Corbyn:  Wielding The Axe To Disloyal Ministers.
Corbyn: Wielding The Axe To Disloyal Ministers. | Source
David Cameron:  Savaged Corbyn's Re - Shuffle At Prime Minister's Question Time Today.
David Cameron: Savaged Corbyn's Re - Shuffle At Prime Minister's Question Time Today. | Source

Corybn's Getting His Way.

Many people now fear that Jeremy Corbyn could destroy the Labour Party as he seems to be shaping it to his own views and image. Three Labour MPs today resigned fron Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet.

Jonathon Reynolds and Stephen Doughty quit over the sacking of Shadow Europe Minister Pat McFadden. Apparently Corbyn removed McFadden because Corbyn interpreted McFadden's statements as a personal attack on him.

Maria Eagle a pro nuclear weapons minister was also removed from post and Emily Thornberry a unilateralist replaced her. Kevan Jones left his defence brief over the sacking of Maria Eagle and a few junior ministers also quit over Corbyn's actions.

Hilary Benn was spared Corbyn's axe but rumours are doing the rounds that Corbyn only spared him because he has told him to watch what he says in future but Benn denies this.

At Prime Minister's Question Time today David Cameron attacked Corbyn's sackings of his ministers and described the re - shuffle as a comedy of errors quoting Shakespeare. Cameron went on that Corbyn and Emily Thornberrry now pose a risk to British security should they ever get a taste of power at the next British general election in 2020.

Many observers have said although Jeremy Corbyn described his election as leader and his allowing a Shadow Cabinet of diverse opinion as the new politics it seems Corbyn wants his Shadow Ministers to reflect his views and speak with one voice if they are to be a credible alternative to the Conservatives time will tell if Corbyn succeeds.


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