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Morning After Pill Available Over The Counter For Under Age Girls....

Updated on July 14, 2013

Morning After Pill Made Available Over The Counter For Under Age Girls…

A few miles from where I reside in Brooklyn, New York, a Federal judge, a few days ago, by fiat ruled that teenagers can fore-go parental input and purchase the Morning-After-Pill (Abortion lite) to murder babies. I will leave the debate on abortion aside for now, but it is the usurpation of parental rights that is grating to me. Were I to neglect taking care of my daughter by not providing food and shelter, the state of New York would come in and charge my wife and I with a plethora of crimes - and yet now we as those same parents have no say when it comes to whether our under-age-daughter can purchase and use contraceptives, such as the Morning-After-Pill. Did I tell you that in the judge’s decision, he said that the prior government rule of having teenage girls procuring a prescription for the Morning-After-Pill was: “arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable.”

This is the same New York, where, if our Mayor Bloomberg had his meddling way, my wife and I could have gotten in legal trouble were our daughter to purchase two big-gulp sodas… am I the only one peeping this sickening irony? I am not going to argue if this ruling of permitting underage girls to purchase the Morning-After-Pill will increase promiscuity – though, if I recalled correctly, the Centre for Disease says no - but relegating parents to mere bystanders in one of the most important issue parents/children can face is shocking. It is true that one could argue that if parents instill in their children values that the issue of child pregnancy would seldom be an issue, but the argument should not even get to that juncture.

I know that reasonable people can disagree on certain topical issues… but aren't there rights, and, moreover, autonomy that parents should have over children who have not reached the age of majority… why would any child obey her parents when the former is asked to do chores or attend school… when the monumental issue of purchasing the Morning-After-Pill is left up to said child? With one fell swoop, that Federal Judge - who made the ruling that teenage girls can now fore-go parental input when they decide to purchase the over the counter Morning-After-Pill - upset the balance in the typical Nuclear family. I do not know the social ramifications for the family unit because of this arbitrary, capricious, and unreasonable ruling, but I supposed that it is just another clarifying clue of our moral decay - I mean we have codified state sponsored murder of babies since 1973 (Roe v. Wade)… so that now there is no lower rung in Hell we can go!


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