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Most Americans are Stupid and Easily Manipulated

Updated on March 26, 2010

Federal Government Easily Distracts from Real Issues

Politicians are Banking (Pun Intended) on the stupidity of the American Public. Their job of deception is made simple by how easily they can manipulate public emotion through media outlets. It’s called DISTRACTION. If you don’t want to address issues related to the Economy you feature the War. Want to spin the War in a positive light you use the term “Terrorists”. The Government shifts the emotion of the public by talking about issues that are not central to the real problem. Terrorists are bad right? So we have to kill them right? Thus the War isn’t bad, it’s good... we are doing it for you. God Bless America!

The Central Bank is a complete and total failure and continues to destroy the economy, but the Government can’t talk about that… it’s not in their own self interests. The Government can’t let people know about the real problems. They need to create another Distraction. The Government prints money and tells the people they are going to create jobs for them. Yippee!

Then the Government creates a poll to see if jobs are good. Jobs are good… yes jobs are good. Next they use the poll they created to tell people they are giving them what they say they want. People want jobs… we asked them! And we (Government) created those jobs for them. And sure we printed more money to do that, but it’s what they told us they wanted. So they told us its okay to spend more money. Distraction logic at work!!! The whole time the real issues are completely circumvented. released a poll today that is exactly as outlined above. For some reason (Go figure) the Banker controlled Media is spinning faster than ever as a distraction to block the real issues of economic collapse caused by Failed Monetary Policy and the Central Bank.

More lies coming to a computer screen near you via the mainstream medias infiltration of the Internet. Goldman Sachs not paying Cash Bonuses? Gee that’s big news. Pay the already cash rich Executives in Stock. No difference. Just more spin.

Proof that Americans are Stupid

A Bloomberg National Poll conducted Dec. 3-7 shows two- thirds of Americans favor taxing the rich to reduce the deficit.

Don’t tax me tax those rich guys… that will solve all the problems. The “Rich” are not the problem. The Problem is the CENTRAL BANK. Why can’t clueless Americans see the real issue? The “Rich” can just print more money. So tax them all you want and it will only come back and bite you in the Ass. You think the “Rich” wouldn’t pass on the tax back to the consumer? Where do you think the “Rich” get their money? From Stupid Americans.

You can not “Fix” the economy by creating more taxes. It doesn’t matter who you want to tax… taxes do nothing to fix the Real Problem. The Problem is we live in a country that allows a Central Bank to print debt laden money out of nothing.

Americans are Stupid Part 2

Tax the other guy but don’t take away my progams and don’t create a Tax System that might actually be more equitable to ALL people.

Fewer still back cuts in entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare or a new national consumption tax.

Nothing is free. Somebody is going to pay for the entitlement programs… but no not me the person who benefits from those programs. Someone else should ALWAYS pay so I can benefit. Ego Centric and completely stupid (And I’m going to use this term very loosely) thinking.

Look at the recent Health Care mess the Government is creating. Forcing people to buy insurance whether they can afford it or not. By the Federal Governments own estimates 24 million people still will have ZERO coverage by 2019. What about the requirement that those with pre existing conditions can not be charged more? Who is going to pay for them? If John Q. Public has a chronic condition that requires $10,000 a month in medical expenses he’s going to pay the same $600 a month premium as the 22 year old kid who never has had any health issues? Of course he is… as America shifts to a Socialist Government and people give up their freedoms. I’m okay with providing coverage to people as long as people understand that this mandate is not Insurance it’s Budgeting and Socialism. Of course you won’t pay for it – some other person will right? As long as someone else is paying it’s all good. Right up until tax time when you are wondering why you don’t have enough money to take care of yourself. Government intervention is clearly a disaster for all but the “Rich” who control the money supply.

The current path the Federal Government is taking is just going to make the rich richer. So go ahead and support your program of choice, after all it’s “free”… isn’t it?

Americans are Stupid Part 3

The poll contains some of the features Obama announced in his jobs plan. Two-thirds of Americans back boosting spending on infrastructure. Six of 10 also support more spending on alternative energy to stimulate job growth, another measure Obama announced.

“The best thing we could do is take some public money to rebuild our infrastructure and improve it,” says poll respondent Richard Kellaway, 75, a Unitarian Universalist minister who lives in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Unemployed people “could be put to work in a matter of days.”

And the Federal Government is creating more spin. Look the people want us to spend more. Lets interview Ima Dumbshit and see what he thinks. Go ahead and spend more money that sounds like the solution to fixing the economy. Create more meaningless jobs that produce little or nothing. Then when those jobs run out of busy work you are left with what? Hire 1 million people to do a census? And how does that create long term sustainable employment? And what do you use to pay those people with? Well the answer of course is more “out of thin air” Government Monopoly Money.

Jobs that are not sustainable and produce no real products or services are not jobs they are additional TAXES.

Americans are Stupid Part 4

“With the middle class making more sacrifices than they are already making because of what the government ran up, it’s going to eventually leave the middle class at the bottom,” says poll respondent Laisha Wright, 25, an unemployed resident of Columbus, Ohio. The wealthy would be better able to bear the burden of more taxes, she says. “I don’t think it would be a big issue for them.”

It’s always okay to tax the “other guy”. But the other guy is just an American Rich or Poor. Can people not see that even if you Tax the supposed “Rich”… you still have not solved the problem. The solution is not TAX. The solution is to fix the problem. And the problem is we have a Fractional Reserve Banking system where money has no intrinsic value. It’s only value is if you believe it has value. It’s just paper. And the institution that perpetuates the pretend money is the Federal Reserve Central Bank. The Fractional Reserve Banking system creates a perpetual debt model that is not sustainable. So you can take every last penny of the “Rich” and there still won’t be enough money to ever pay off the debt that has already occurred.

Somebody else can not pay your share. You can not pay your share. Why? Because your ability to earn, the rich guys ability to earn is still not enough to cover the cost of the debt that has already been created and still pay for basic living expenses. So wake the hell up and quit being distracted. Educate yourself. Take responsibility for yourself and your own needs. Until society addresses the real issues, until society gets over it’s own selfish ways the system will always be broken and no one except the very few at the top will ever benefit.

Stockholm Syndrome for the Central Bankers

Why do you think they make these polls? Would you rather have a sharp knife poked into your eyeball or fund medicare? Gee it looks like Americans want more taxes to pay for medicare. Would you rather tax the rich or pay more tax yourself? Gee I think we should tax the rich. Would you rather eat rice and beans or would you support a National Free Steak program?

This Media Spin is created to dupe and deceive. Polls are useless… they do nothing more than create distractions from real issues. Polls are manipulated to serve the purpose of the creators of the polls. If you want to keep believing the lie then you are not alone… and there is a name for you “Stupid American”. If you want see things change for the better then you really have only one option. Support Politicians who are willing to take the steps necessarily to Abolish the Federal Reserve and “fix” the system.

On a final note there are those idiots that argue giving control of the Money Supply to the Congress would be a disaster. Really? It’s soooo much better to continue to let Private Corporate Bankers who have continually proven to have their own self-interests in mind control the money supply? And pay interest to them to do it? At least with Congress in control the people can DEMAND and accounting for their actions. And we as Americans will no long have to pay interest on the money created. The Federal Reserve has never been audited and operates with complete autonomy. At least with the Congress in charge the American People will have a say by voting and electing officials. Elected officials who are actual United States Citizens instead of secret foreign corporations. So if you buy into the Banker Backed "The Federal Reserve is good for the people" argument then you are either one of the Banking Elite or the picture at the top of this article was created for you!

Some People Just Don't Get it!

And those are the People the Government loves.
And those are the People the Government loves.


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  • john000 profile image

    John R Wilsdon 

    5 years ago from Superior, Arizona

    I sense your frustration. I too have been shaking my head over the dumb state of affairs lately, but I have a tiny ray of hope that I always come back too.

    Denial only works so long. If folks start to realize that the alternative to taxing other people for benefits they receive beyond the nation's ability to pay, maybe, just maybe they will realize that their quality of life is at risk. When freedom is lost, all hope is lost. I hope that at that point many who do not understand how to work, save, discipline themselves, endure the unpleasant, live without drugs, understand what is a necessity, etc., ad nausaum will

    opt for a lifestyle that strengthens the nation and families.

    I read this recently on the Internet (sorry, I don't remember where). It's a quote from Gwen Ifill of PBS on Obamacare:

    "Prominent supporter of the law, PBS anchor Gwen Ifill, recently sent out messages on Twitter that she was on the phone with her healthcare provider asking why her rates had gone up after the passage of this new law. Here's hoping the person on the other line just replied, "Because of math."Adding millions of people to the healthcare rolls, disincentivizing healthy people from owning insurance, and adding huge regulatory costs don't drive down the price of healthcare."

    You aren't alone.

  • Skarlet profile image


    6 years ago from California

    Very true. When I see that so many Americans are still voting for Obama there is only one conclusion I can come to. Stupid!

  • Ms Dee profile image

    Deidre Shelden 

    7 years ago from Texas, USA

    No wonder at the stupidity with the state of our educational system infiltrated by "progressives". Sad.

  • frogyfish profile image


    8 years ago from Central United States of America

    When the 'workers' eventually run out of money to tax, the riots will rampage, because the 'hands out' will be empty. Yuck, right on, MikeNV.

  • ptosis profile image


    8 years ago from Arizona

    Political kabuki is worldwide not just American. There is no American exceptionalism when it comes to being duped by bogus leaders who use a scape goat or outside enemy to distract the public from their own incompetence.

  • profile image

    Allen Carr 

    8 years ago

    The country needs more MikeNV's. When I was a teenager my dad made me study central banking and in particular the fiat system of this current Bank. It was an eye opener, to say the least. Knowing what a farce we live in has not been easy. I am in my late 30's now and for the past 20 some years when I try to discuss the Fed my fellow American somehow decides these beliefs are right up there with Elvis being alive and aliens breeding bigfoot. They don't want to open their eyes to the fact that our central banking system has played an important part of our history (read up on ol' Andy Jackson) and banking/currency was more important to our split form the Crown than any BS notion of "independence." We had independence. What we needed was a currency that was debt free and free from tentacles of Bank of England. Unfortunately we now have one worse than theirs. Even though we tossed the ball back and forth before it is a shame that we are soon to celebrate 100 years of being raped by our fiat fattened central bankers.We Americans are easily distracted and we will allow some scapegaot to take the blame. This issue sees no color, has no religion, comes from no country and follows no right or left. We are all in this together. In this season when we are about to see how much of our hard earned income was paid as interest it is sad indeed to realize that unless we toss these bums out and start making their corrupt politicians ask for money from the people, we are just giving this dark cloud to our grandchildren. The two party system just continues the corruption so a 3rd is a start but more importantly education in this matter will be key. That and the willingness to suffer a little hardship to break our addiction to fiat currency. Once the toilet has been flushed it is damn hard to crawl back up the pipes and we need to act soon because the hand is on the handle.

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Henderson, NV

    To suggest that a person who votes for a third party is supporting a loser just reinforces a very broken system. Your suggestion perpetuates the broken system. You vote for the best person for the job. Nobody wins when you vote party.

  • Akhomesteader profile image


    8 years ago from Alaska

    One more American stupidity; if you vote third party you are voting for a loser. Voters need to ask their selve what two parties have had control of all three branches for the last 150 years.

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Henderson, NV

    Clearly it won't be easy for anyone. But it's still going to have to happen. Doing it now would cause less hardships than waiting for the inevitable complete and total collapse. At least now we have an opportunity to do it with some kind of order. Thanks for commenting.

  • Locke Reborn profile image

    Locke Reborn 

    9 years ago from Arlington, Texas

    Unfortunately for those of us who see the problem, I doubt we will see any real movement of social change. Acknowledging the financial situation means that Americans would have to be prepared for hardships on a country level scale. We would have to revert to the living situation found during World War 2 to effectively recover. I'm talking food stamps for everyone rich and poor, limited goods and merchandise, we will have to go back to making and using everything in the United States.

    We're going to need to get back to the basics and rebuild from there everything. That would be the best way to get out of debt, because with the entire country working to pay off the debt in a hurry, we might just make it instead of every man for themselves.


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