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Most Definitely A Time For Change!!!

Updated on November 7, 2012

There is so much going on in the UK at the moment ;connected with the Care and Justice System!!

I am sure that many of you will have heard about the vile reign of Jimmy Saville as a pedophile hiding behind his public status!!

Saville was a an English disc jockey ,television presenter and charity fundraiser.

He also hosted the show 'Jim'll Fix It'.He is known to have raised around £40 million before his death last year .

However today he is known as one of the most prolific British sex offenders !!There are hundreds of child sex and rape allegations against him.

His vile acts which date back as far as the late 60s were committed against vulnerable youngsters.

Because of his status as one of Britain's biggest charity workers he was so wrongly given a free reign of children's wards in the country;too many to mention individually; as well as so many other places giving him the time and opportunity to carry out his vile attacks.

In these last few months so many have come forward who were abused by him all those years ago.I just wish that he was still alive to face his public stripped of his supposed 'good works!!!'

What makes it even more shocking is that this isn't the first time for many of these to be telling of their suffering. They did try to tell all those years ago but our so called 'Higher Uppers' told them not to take it any further and the whole subject firmly closed;indeed TABOO!!!

Each day as I write I have Radio 2 on in the background and some of these victims have come forward telling their stories over the phone.

One lady who was also a nurse was in hospital herself as a patient and unable to move due to an operation on her spine; Saville entered the ward on one of his frequent visits and proceed to molest this girl who was paralysed while she lay in her bed across the ward. This lady who was telling the story said that she was frozen to the spot and tried to tell afterwards but again the whole incident firmly ignored like so many others.

There was a policeman who was a youngster at the time and he knew of Saville's acts on the vulnerable but was told by his boss once when he tried to voice his fears 'TO KEEP QUIET!!'

The reason being that Saville was too large an asset to lose ;to large an asset to fight against!!!

What 'wishy washy' 'lily livered' people were these vile beings no better than Saville himself.

Hundreds have come forward slowly through the past weeks and I just hope that they get the help as some have never even spoken of these vile acts which violated their whole being.

Saville gave each and every victim a life sentence to carry around with them!!!!!!!

These past couple of weeks have also seen the arrest of Gary Glitter( a known pedophile)and also the comedian Freddie Starr who have since been released on police bail!!!

By today the number of people who Saville abused has risen to a horrendous 300;he died last year at the age of 84 yrs.

He is reckoned to have abused scores of girls and boys over a 40 year reign.

The vile scum Jimmy Saville.
The vile scum Jimmy Saville. | Source
The Bryn Estyn Care Home in North Wales where so many youngsters were abused in the late 60s early 70s !!!
The Bryn Estyn Care Home in North Wales where so many youngsters were abused in the late 60s early 70s !!! | Source

Since these brave people have found the courage to speak up about their suffering at the hands of vile Saville another ring of abuse is again lifting its head for a second time concerning children back in the 60s and 70s who were abused in The Bryn Estyn Children's Homes in North Wales!!!

Many did complain and made allegations against so many members of the community and workers at the homes and a police investigation did take place in the 90s but folded up after it was decided at the time that there was not enough evidence to go ahead!!!!!

Prime Minister David Cameron has now ordered the reopening of the case and this time no cover ups;I hope and pray that this is what will happen this time around!!!

One person who phoned in to Radio 2 yesterday morning told of how back in the mid 70s he was at this home and he escaped the grounds and stood beside the Police Station for a long time trying to find the courage to go in and tell of the awful abuse that he was suffering!!Eventually he did find the courage but as he told his story a policeman told him off and took him back to the homes after reprimanding him for wasting police time!!!

According to this brave person who is now a man in his 50s a prominent policeman was one of the abusers along with many other prominent members of the community!!!

The boys were abused at the home and were also taken to a local hotel where they were abused over and over again bu others!!!

Yesterday on the radio a man phoned in who had never ever spoken of his abuse at the homes;not even to his wife of 24 years.He went onto explain that to talk about the abuse would strip him of all his dignity!!! I think that the flood gates had then opened and what he proceeded to say was so so painful ;oh how i felt for him !!

Today as I look back on what he said I do still feel so so sorry for this poor man but my next emotion is to feel how brave he was and I hope that this will again bring many others forward ;that they will find the courage and the strength that this man did!!!

I m not going to share any of what he said but I can only say that it was horrific !!!So so very horrific.

This morning I came across this article in the Telegraph.


A Pedophile is a clever predator on the vulnerable ;they are cunning and they are psychologically convincing!!

However they are only brave while they reign ;only while their cover has not been blown!!

When their abuse is uncovered they are nothing more than bungling cowardly scum!!

Scum of the worst kind!!!

Finally this country is facing up to the sordidness of the past decades which have been pushed under the carpet.


I hope and pray as I sit I here this morning I feel so proud of these people who have come forward ;have so bravely told their story and it is important they have the support and help that they will need !!Many of these have never before spoken of the vile acts that were committed on them!!!

I want to tell them all to stand tall and stand proud ; to realise their full worth ;to realise the courage it has taken them to tell!!

To hold their heads high and even if some of the abusers are dead it matters not because this is their time to shine now .

To show their hearts to the world and to shame each and every abuser ;to strip them of any fake ounce of respect ;to make them stand naked as the vile scum they are.

Saville may be dead but it is only because of the courage of each and everyone who has told and will carry on doing so that the victims of the North Wales Care Home case is reopening.

Sometimes the only way to move forward in life and get the better of an abuser of any kind or of those who knew but did nothing is to be happy in each of our own lives!!!

If you know of any such suffering ;don't keep quiet ;don't sit down and push it to the back of your mind!!!

If you yourself have been abused ;either by a close member of your own family;or by a prominent member of your community then speak out!!!

Whether it was today,yesterday or decades ago it makes no difference!!!

Even if your abuser is no longer alive ,this matters not !!!

Stand Up,Stand Tall,Tell All And Shame!!!


Stand strong and let it go!!!


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