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Most Successful Technique thus Far

Updated on January 12, 2012

Best Tactics so Far

The best approach is a holistic one which combines medications, natural substances, knowledge that your feelings of hostility/fear can be detected and that electronic persecution is directed at you ONLY when you "feel ugly inside". Furthermore, being as the source of our misery becomes whatever we have labelled it to be: don't ever label it. Having a positive attitude towards the environment brings us greater mental freedom as we are electronically-harassed less.

You need to have God as a big part of your philosophy, as followers are spared a great deal of "extrajudicial persecution" as one gangstalker put it to me. OK, maybe you are a wild person, maybe you do many things frowned upon in the scriptures. This war between 2 thought-groups for your personality is a very real thing. Having Godliness as a back-up can save your sanity. If you are a habitual sinner like me, try not to do it as much and repent whenever you do something you know is "wrong". Given what this phenomenon can do to you, this is very little to ask.

We are always being watched. Doing things that are "socially unacceptable" just earn us the jeers of our "unseen peers". Having a positive attitude for those who might be watching also gives you an edge. A simple video game played while getting beamed done "for the fans" demonstrates a sympatico attitude, which can actually win you fans. Know that by choosing to do things based on "right principles" helps you get whatever you are trying to accomplish done with much greater ease. Your ignorance of the rules does not get you in half the trouble that a negative attitude does. So connect your goal with an admirable, worthy reason.

I don't know about you, but I want to WIN at life. Why not? I've done every good and "bad" thing possible to get what I want.........some helped, some nearly got me killed. We are persecuted because we cannot get over the fact that certain people are aware of the things we do who inform everyone involved in our personal life. We resent this, which gets us punished which becomes a vicious circle of rebellion-punishment until our minds feel pretty mushy for awhile. We must accept the New World and try to weave as much of our personal qualities into our New World View. If you've done things you aren't proud of........don't try whipping yourself to death in a spiritual guilt, just repent and keep going.

The World as we know it is almost psychically-connected. You can see how such changes would turn everything on it's head. We are treated according to our INNER PERSONAL QUALITIES. If you think it's getting to be too much, take a tsp. of Kratom. Be on a medicinal regimen which makes your attitude positive and your brain free of disturbing thoughts. For me: this is a new anti-depressant: Cymbalta, Abilify (6 5mg tabs really keep out nasty, unwanted ideation). I also take Clonopin when things are getting tense. This SOFTENS the effects of this New Environment on us.

Lastly JOIN THE WORLD. Since I decided to do this, my life has improved dramatically. All this was to weed out negative-minded people. I started out pretty negative-minded. The fact that I was physically/mentally abused as a child did not help me with having ANY positive attitude towards the world. I came to believe that that which is Evil always ultimately triumphs. By thinking that you are part of the world, you are simply acknowledging a fact, anyhow. Can you be Christian and part of the world? I think so. "The World" wants nice-thinking people who want to work on themselves. Do a good deed everyday, pray before every meal, try to do the right thing and repent when you do something that doesn't glorify God. Be a good neighbor...........believe in YOURSELF and in GETTING WHAT YOU WANT. Just having greater free-will and full-passion is enough for me.......but there are so many things to consider now that they are possible.


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